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  1. roni

    Bukowski as an unidentified twenty-year ear worm?

    Hi and welcome. I must confess, I've never heared of such a poem by Bukowski and to my ears it does not really sound like him.
  2. roni

    The mystery of Jane C. Cooney (Baker)

    Yes, we know the FBI files here, as they've been hosted on this site since the very beginning of mjps efforts to gather Buk-material some million years ago. One thing that strikes when you go through them is, that they are not always reliable. (e.g. have a look at the list of his addresses and...
  3. roni

    Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

    I once gave it a shot, but only made it till episode 3. Their whole system of values was so absolutely opposite from mine, I simply couldn't connect.
  4. roni

    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    There are easy ways to survive without toilet paper if you have a waterhose coming out of the wall. Like I had during my stay in a tiny shack on a tiny island in Thailand 2006: While the latter is obviously correct, the first part, which is the conclusion, is (equally obviously) wrong. There...
  5. roni

    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    There ARE millions of dead people in the streets and they ARE zombies and it's been like that since mankind exists. Look at them.
  6. roni

    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    Funny thing, that in the US it is toilet-paper that is hoarded - just as in Germany. Other countries than ours seem to be wiser: Italy: cigarettes & grappa France: condoms & red wine Scotland: whisky Netherlands: cheese & hash (=pot)
  7. roni

    I need help! Marxism & Bukowski

    Not a poem-recommendation, but: there's a scholarly book by one Russel Harrison: "Against the American Dream", which might be of some use for your particular subject. btw.: You don't need to buy every book that you want to use. Usually the university-libraries are open for school-students...
  8. roni

    The day Bukowski died

    Ah Dammit! It's up there already. My non-capability to remember things. Anyway, what's not up there is me visiting the grave in 2007:
  9. roni

    Christoph Schlingensief dead at 49

    There will be a docu about him in the movies starting Apr 2nd, 2020. (this year's Berlinale has already screened it) Trailer:
  10. roni

    The day Bukowski died

    I was so sure, we did have a thread re Hank's Day of Death, but couldn't find it via search-engine. So, I'm creating one, since today's the day again. Though I seem to remember, I've posted these 4 Original Historic news from March 10, 1994 on German TV before, it may be appropriate to have...
  11. roni

    Review of Contemporary Fiction.

    Ok, I see the point. No need to take the effort of scanning especially for me, pal. Was just an idea. Thanks for the info.
  12. roni

    R Crumb for sale

    Many Crumb-items in an upcoming PBA-auction (Sale 698: Comic Books (#698) 03/26/2020 11:00 AM PDT). - Various versions of his Bible/Genesis stuff (like this one for Big money or that one for less)- - Buk, of course (Lot #314 and #315) - handwritten letters and stuff in abundance...
  13. roni

    Teaching Bukowski

    Yes, that's how I understood your statement. Not as if you yourself would find him unworthy, but others do. And they do. In Germany too it's not always easy to convince people about his quality. Even though his reputation at universities has risen a lot compared to the 80s. Among scholarly...
  14. roni

    I need everyone’s help!

    Do I get this right, that the book you are to present does not have to be poetry? Poetry is a hard sell, especially if your classmates aren't vivid readers. I'd say: Use "POST OFFICE" for your purpose. Its structure with the very short chapters is perfect for "non-readers" to stay with it. The...
  15. roni

    Teaching Bukowski

    Thanks PoetryPreach for your work in class. In 2007 I taught about him in a 12th grade class of my old school. Was a huge success. Last year, a school-teacher in Germany even won a prize from the state of Bavaria for having his students make a film-adaption of their favorite Buk-poem. (The...
  16. roni

    “As a woman, how could I like Bukowski?”

    As a woman, how could you NOT like Bukowski?
  17. roni

    art & artists

    Hasn't it always been like this? The famous contract signed on the hood of a used car where you sell all your work and your soul for an apple.
  18. roni

    This Is Free, Take It, And Feel Better - Wormwood Review No. 102 - 1986

    I'd like to second this without any reservations.
  19. roni

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    During the Punk-Era a lot of artistic things were much easier to do than now.
  20. roni

    Upon Splitting With The Last Woman - Wormwood Review No. 132 - 1993

    I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere (an interview? a poem?) from later years, that he even used to keep a dictionary on his desk for the use of strange and unusual words now and then. Anybody remember where's that from? and p.s.: The most interesing thing about that poem (to me) is the...
  21. roni

    You Are The Big Name On The Marquee, and three more poems - Chiron Review (The Kindred Spirit) No. 16 - 1988

    Definitely NOT looking at them in the same way. Just looking at them.
  22. roni

    Lex Fridman reads Bukowskis "Roll The Dice" to Joe Rogan

    Even though I didn't find it too well-read by this self-confident guy I've never heared of, I extracted the part for the convenience of those among us who aren't into skipping around the original file. It'll be on my Dropbox for Download at least for the next 10 days...
  23. roni

    happy birthday MJP

    This is the first time I realize, that mjp's birthday is the same day as my last girlfriend's, which I forgot this year as well as his'. Too bad. Oh, and happy birthday btw.
  24. roni

    Review of Contemporary Fiction.

    Thanks. You wouldn't possibly be able to scan and post them here for our convenience, would you? Good karma my be the reward - or a copyright-lawsuit, depending on what fate the gods have meant for you.
  25. roni

    Bukowski, Beer & Beethoven

    I've seen this gorgeous site before. Was it here? Anyway, Thanks, Johannes, for the reminder.