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  1. Rekrab

    Sheri Martinelli Art

    A couple paintings by Sheri Martinelli (co-author of Beerspit Night and Cursing) for sale on eBay. I have no financial interest in these -- just thought folks here might like seeing them...
  2. Rekrab

    Death of Poet Al Masarik

    I saw on facebook yesterday that poet Al Masarik had died recently. He was a big name in the mimeo mags back in the 1960s but seems to be fairly obscure these days. Anyone have any information about this? The cause, circumstances, etc.? Bill Roberts maybe? Bukowski surely was familiar with his work.
  3. Rekrab

    Finally, an article about Bukowski that doesn't repeat the tired cliches

    Somebody got it right:,0,1446502.story#axzz2vPDUGcy4 Good quotes from Gerry Locklin and Neeli Cherkovski, plus Abel Debritto gets a nod.
  4. Rekrab

    Los Angeles Plays Itself - film remastered

    The film Los Angeles Plays Itself, is mentioned in an old thread that seems to be closed so I'll bring it up here. It should be invaluable to anyone who wants to understand what L.A. was like during Bukowski's lifetime. Also, it has a long part on Bunker Hill, where John Fante set his classic...
  5. Rekrab

    Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face & David Barker Poetry Reading

    I'm reading at the Salem (Oregon) Book Bin this coming Friday, January 25th, at 7:00 PM, followed by an open mike. Here's a link to an announcement in today's Statesman Journal newspaper. I must have mumbled when I spelled "Bukowski" for the reporter. Sadly, the on-line version of this notice...
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    Manuscript of Amber O'Neil's Book on Ebay

    This is interesting, although not worth $950 in my opinion: From the description of the Martin letters, it sounds like he wasn't...
  7. Rekrab

    Electro-Thrall Zombies Book One Chapbook from Golden Posterity Press

    I've had these chapbooks for about a month now but have been to busy to announce them until now. Back in February, I published the first installment of a serialized zombie novel as an ebook. I know, I know -- who the hell needs another zombie novel? I don't even read zombie literature, except...
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    2 Free David Barker ebooks today

    Hi there, Two of my silliest efforts are available for free download today from Amazon: I know, I know ... why...
  9. Rekrab

    Free ebook on Christmas: Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face

    On Christmas Day, 2011, you can download a free copy of my Kindle ebook, Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face, here: If you are a "Kindle Prime" subscriber, you can borrow it free at any time.
  10. Rekrab

    Free ebook Charles Bukowski spit In My Face - One Day Special

    If I've done this right, tomorrow, Sunday, December 12, you can download a free copy of my Kindle ebook, Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face, here: Also, if you are a "Kindle Prime" subscriber, you can...
  11. Rekrab

    Bukowski on boxing

    I'm aware of the story "Kid Stardust on the Porterhouse" in Erections, etc.; Are there any other Bukowski stories, poems, or sections of novels about boxing matches, where the fight is described? I'm writing a fight scene in a novel and want to see what Hank has done. Not to steal from him or...
  12. Rekrab

    Another poet gone

    Poet Kell Robertson has died. I don't know any details yet. It's been a bad year for old poets.
  13. Rekrab

    Henry Miller's Famous Blue Robe ... Only $10 Grand

    This is kind of funny: A cheesy listing, all in all. Miller's book of love letters to Brenda Venus was titled Dear, Dear Brenda. I enjoyed it back when.
  14. Rekrab

    Bukowski memoir now available as an ebook

    Okay, so this post is sort of about Bukowski and I put it in the "All things *not* Bukowski" thread because it's a shameless self-promotion of a self-published ebook, and this seems like the right place to put it. I've been experimenting with getting some of my texts into Kindle form and...
  15. Rekrab

    Poet Mel Clay has died

    San Francisco poet Mel Clay passed away on Monday, September 26, 2011. I met him at the Sal Mimeo event in 2007. He's the author of the book, "Jazz - Jail and God: An Impressionistic Biography of Bob Kaufman." I bought a copy of this from Mel and I'm glad I did. It's wild, cryptic, hard to...
  16. Rekrab

    Benefit art auction for Hayley Barker

    My daughter, Hayley Barker, is an artist and a teacher at Pacific Northwest College of Art. This summer she was suddenly stricken with cancer and had surgery. She's doing well, but could use help with the bills as she cannot teach this term. Friends in the northwest art community are holding a...
  17. Rekrab

    "Are Books Dead?"

    A very grim, well thought out piece on the future of books and writers (from a UK perspective, but the phenomenon seems global):
  18. Rekrab

    Poet Scott Wannberg R.I.P.

    I just heard that poet Scott Wannberg has died. Apparently this happened yesterday. I don't have any details yet. I knew him from way back, in Long Beach in the 1970s, when we read together in the bars. I saw him read again in 2008 at the Beat Museum in San Francisco. He was an L.A. guy...
  19. Rekrab

    Bukowski is the number one most stolen author

    ...According to Publisher's Weekly: It's disappointing, but the blog's author attributes this fact with "excrement and vomit" instead of literary quality.
  20. Rekrab

    The future of physical books

    Here's an interesting piece on the "slow movement" return to analog technologies in a digital world. He starts off talking about film cameras, but gets around to ebooks vs physical books. Posted here because it relates to the sort of small press publishing being done by Bottle of Smoke Press...
  21. Rekrab

    Small Publishers lose selling on Amazon

    Here's an article that explains how a small press loses selling on Amazon. This supports what Bill of BOSP has said about his own sales.
  22. Rekrab

    Shooter was a Buk fan????

    This is from Yahoo Answers: "Have you seen Jared Loughner's list of favorite books? Animal Farm, Brave New World, The Wizard Of OZ, Aesop Fables, The Odyssey, Alice Adventures Into Wonderland, Fahrenheit 451, Peter Pan, To Kill A Mockingbird, We The Living, Phantom Toll Booth, One Flew Over...
  23. Rekrab

    The latest good news on ebooks

    From NPR, you have no privacy with ebooks:
  24. Rekrab

    New poetry chapbook "GHOST" by David Barker available - Rubber Letterpress

    Rumba Train Press (that's me) is proud to announce the publication of a limited edition chapbook of short poems on spooks and spirits by David Barker. I'd love to claim I planned this to be out just in time for Halloween, but it's pure coincidence. Ever since I first conceived of this book...
  25. Rekrab

    Book technology, printing, Polaroid film...

    [Split from this thread.] My summer eBay sales were disappointing, over all. Some things went low, some went very low, some didn't sell at all. I know it's a bad time to sell most years, but I'm wondering if it isn't even worse now, due to the economy. Another independent boostore in our...