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    It’s a damn good possibility.
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    Yes!!! Ha! Thank you for the detective work. Wow, a lot has happened since then. I live in San Francisco now...but miss the fuck out of LA...this place just isn’t home. I’ve got two kids, married. And get this, I’m a fucking letter carrier up here at a local post office. Weird shit. I had...
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    I used to have an account on here a long, long ass time ago. I forgot what my screen name was, what password I used, and even what email I was fucking with at that time. I’ve popped in every few years since then to poke around on the site for a few minutes here and there. The look of the forums...
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    Help with Pulp

    I'm just going to be honest: Pulp sucks. I love Bukowski's work...he is my favorite Author, he is my favorite poet...but Pulp sucks big donkey dicks. I mean the guy knew he was going to die soon, he wasnt in his right mind when he wrote that garbage....I forgive him.
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    5124 De Longpre - new photos

    That's fucked up if one of you bitches steals that sign...the city probably wouldnt shell out the dough to put up another one and you would be doing Bukowski a disfavor. I walk/drive by there all the time...better hope that I don't see you doing that shit...You'll get at least a cracked...
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    That well known Pioneer Chicken in many Buk stories is now gone

    That motel that he mentions in one of his poems has been torn down as was on Western, off of Hollywood Blvd. He went there once when him and Linda had a falling out...he made fun of a fat guy at the pool and had to run into his room cause the guy wanted to kick his ass for it. And...
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    Buk article in today's Weekend Australian

    "Minor writer" my ass....fuck that faggot.
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    I'm off to my museum opening

    I'm off to my museum opening...Bukowski and his words make a few appearances in my paintings for this exhibit. The museum people asked me if I want a quote put up on the wall along with my paintings...and of course I chose a Buk quote: Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they...
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    Linda King Talks about Bukowski

    70%!? What kinda galleries are you messing with?
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    Last CD you bought/ Book you read

    Last book read: Gonzo, the life of Hunter S. Thompson Just started reading: the Night of the Ripper, by Robert Bloch (so far not very impressive, but I'll give it a few more pages because Psycho was a good read.) Last cd I listened to was, Show your Bones by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...
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    Life after death

    Well put.
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    Is Buk your favorite writer?

    Bukowski is my favorite poet, novelist, and short story writer...2nd favorite writer on my list is Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.
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    A discussion about '2 a.m.'

    "Walking through the alone night". That's what it's all about right there.
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    me and Bukowski sometimes love paintings

    The 4 artists that have influenced me the most are: Basquiat, Picasso, Rauschenberg and Cy Twombly....there are more, but those are the most profound. I just skulked around your website real quick. I dig your art pieces...that Ralph Steadman style drawing really caught my attention. Good job...
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    Linda King Talks about Bukowski

    Man, I want those paintings that she has up on her wall.
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    me and Bukowski sometimes love paintings

    Here is a Bukowski painting that I did last year (2008). Follow link: 24"x24" mixed media on canvas SOLD
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    Johnny Depp Getting Animated About Bukowski (Klasky Csupo Animation)

    Slightly off? I think the cartoons don't capture the feel/spirit of Bukowski at all...I was only able to watch three of those shorts. They suck. End of story. :mad:
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    275 steps from Hollywood

    Carlton way and Western ave. is probably that many steps away from Hollywood Blvd...I've never counted, but I've walked the distance so many times over the years and it sounds about right. ...or, his apartment at 1623 Mariposa wasnt too far from Hollywood Blvd. either. About half a block or so...
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    The Poet - unpublished novel???

    The poet? I want to get my hands, and eyes, on that.
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    The ending of Pulp??

    Pulp is, I hate to say, is not one of Bukowski's crowning, not by far. But under the circumstances, I understand why.
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    Bukowski tattoos

    Man, I've been thinking of getting a Bukowski tattoo for a while now. Or maybe a Hunter S. Thompson one...or maybe both. Bukowski on the left upper bicep, and Hunter (The Ralph Steadman drawing of him holding the suitcase fulla drugs from Fear and loathing) on the inside of my right forearm.
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    Bukowski and Henry Miller

    Miller is ok...but kinda (in my opinion) overrated. He's not a smooth read like Bukowski is. A little too wordy and soft for my taste...but I still read the guys shit. There is some good stuff in there.
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    Reading Buk while depressed?

    There is never a wrong time to read some Bukowski.
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    me and Bukowski sometimes love paintings

    Good looking painting. Drink up.