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  1. bright

    Post office, county hospital, etc.

    Maybe its just like he said:" I used to think i can only write being poor, 2weeks behind in the rent." Was he afraid of getting too comfortable?
  2. bright

    Rest In Peace - Carl Weissner 1940-2012

    Carl weissner did some of the best translations ive ever seen...he was especially good at translating things you couldnt translate directly, lets say because a particular habit or expression didnt exist in German. He always found the best coresponding translation, he always saved the "FEELING"...
  3. bright

    please liberate yourselves as you promised to do - Transit #1, 1993

    Great poem, describing an ever growing major illness of "todays" fucking world.. "The liberation of men is not necessary, they say.." Enjoy yourself, but..
  4. bright

    Taylor Hackford's Bukowski Documentary On YouTube

    many many thanks! I was chasing this piece for years now. Thank you.
  5. bright

    Bukowski flip flops

    ..really like your shoes, chronic, kinda like mine, simply the best for people who walk a lot. I sometimes have troubles with individual leg pockets. -- Trust yourself
  6. bright

    Sonic youth

    goo " was all whirlwind, heat and noise. Within a week, we killed my parents and hit the road." ;), like them a lot.
  7. bright

    writers I love that Bukowski would hate an interview i guess i once read that hank was asked whether he liked Hermann Hesse. He answered that he(hank) wasnt gay. well, i like old hermann
  8. bright

    German authors similar to or influenced by Buk?

    thanks Petey, ill try to locate some of their writing.
  9. bright

    German authors similar to or influenced by Buk?

    sad but true roni - they all just want to entertain, to be funny, to make us laugh- no space for "pessimistic" thinking and writing anymore - mostly because there are just tv-babys as readers available, i guess.. ---- gern geschehen, Pessimist.
  10. bright

    German authors similar to or influenced by Buk?

    hes quite fascinating this Thomas bernhard, have some video footage from him where hes praising schopenhauer and kant as the real original fools(jokes) in philosophy - all others are just plagiators.....- really an unique figure, though, hard to read i find... joerg fauser is the nearest to...
  11. bright

    Taylor Hackford Documentary - Bukowski reads Bukowski

    this would also interest me very much -
  12. bright

    1953 Unpublished letter to Judson Crews - Read this gem! (timeline stuff)

    thanks chronic, there goes another gap in my drugKnowledge have any similar info on "reds"? low methamphetamine-pills for a diet or something like that?
  13. bright

    Article by Robert Sandarg - The Musicality Of Charles Bukowski

    thanks roni, mjp\hanksolo - enjoyed it.
  14. bright

    When his fans came a calling ...

    i remember "vampires" as a nice piece bout the subject. " i watch the leaky faucet leak, the way they always do."
  15. bright

    Would You Suggest Writing as a Career?

    i second that, this one is really not bad...."paperthin music...", i like the images. Respect, go on, King of yourself.
  16. bright

    Steve Richmond / Mr. Viced Honest

    Thanks for the info, i always found him interesting this "fuck hate" - richmondGuy. "Hitler painted roses", exactly!
  17. bright


    ..interesting info, roni. ...i once drank some rothschild,popes castle nr.9,:). A lasting experience.
  18. bright

    Happy Birthday, mjp!

    greetings mjp, feel wiser. :)
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    i once read a poem by buk dealing with failure and the impossibility to really fail at something, cause the conditions leading to your failure where not your conditions or something like ends with the advice to stash that poem away and read it when in despear .... ...just cant seem...
  20. bright

    New Bukowski reading DVDs

    great news! ..gonna get them as soon as they are available in europe.
  21. bright

    Atomic Scribblings Upon a Farting World... er, from A Maniac Age

    an entertaining peace of hell, as usual from hank. thanks for that, cirerita. ----------- the truth is banal too banal to be true evil is too true
  22. bright

    Gloom Cupboard

    lets see what i have in my closet...
  23. bright

    Bukowski fans: are we negative?

    ..its all about accepting or questioning the circumstances that are surrounding, often it is easier to just accept. Most probably its also easier to go on then. But where to?
  24. bright

    The Bukowski Tapes by Barbet Schroeder

    "God, you kids don't understand any inventive decency of any sort. You're just so subliminal to......subliminal........ subgrrr (I did say he was drunk ) to whatever occurrence you just ride, tend your little wave of nowhere... You have no original courage of definition. You're all flat pancake...