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    Myspace... home of all the crazies...

    10 years today!
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    TV series

    just marathoned all 3 seasons of orphan black in the last couple weeks. holy shit. the best show i've seen in a while. tatiana maslany is incredible, but kudos to the choreographer she works with, as well as the makeup artist/s. i like all the characters, but helena and felix are the best!
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    Photographer Mary Ellen Mark RIP

    yeah this seemed so out of blue. i'm in so much sleep debt right now, so i totally cried when i read the news. someone showed me 25 years when i was 16 and i was blown away - i'd never seen photography like that before. my guess is that she probably had cancer, maybe a fast-progessing kind...
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    any of yall into photography?

    not photographs, but a series of short "found" films: (i don't believe the story about how they were "uncovered" is actually true, it's just a good scary story)
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    Good Documentaries

    vivian maier was so incredibly talented - that guy really scored big when he bought that lot.
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    do you go off pretty bare-bones notes? because i wouldn't have guessed that you were reading.
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    an ex once told me i had the most annoying voice he'd ever heard, and i've been self conscious about it ever since.
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    Good Documentaries

    i think i watched the first couple of parts awhile ago but never got round to finishing, so thanks for this!
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    Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

    i was explaining the final season to jordan and the more i thought about that final episode, the more corny and stupid i found it. i wish they'd just left out the homeless woman and the crows and shit and that monologue to his dad. ugh.
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    Good Documentaries

    Head On is fantastic.
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    Good Documentaries

    i recently binged-watched all three of the Paradise Lost docs (about the West Memphis 3) - very interesting, and maddening, but FUCK there should be a warning at the start that they show video and still footage of the boys' corpses and injuries (in the opening scenes! and repeatedly...
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    Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

    oh i actually was ok with him going out that way - he specifically says to chibs something like "i'd never put that on you". and there was always the thing that JT's death wasn't an accident or even murder, but rather suicide. also: HAHA i couldn't fucking figure out that food thing! i totally...
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    Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

    ok so i'm good with how this finally ended, and it wasn't quite what i expected, but the whole thing with that mysterious homeless woman, who's been around since s1, turning out to be some prophet, is some corny bullshit. and the final cgi with the crows was pretty cheap. i think this show has...
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    who's listening to Serial, the podcast?

    ok they get to the lawyer in ep 10, and there's more to that part of the story than you think. she was still quite shit in a lot ways, though. yeah, the whole 'beyond a reasonable doubt' clearly went out the window here. as yet, there hasn't been an episode on the forensics of the case, so i'm...
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    who's listening to Serial, the podcast?

    haha i want everyone i know to listen to it so we can talk about it - i'm OBSESSED. i've already listened to every episode twice, and i'm going to listen a third time and take notes.
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    "Are Books Dead?"

    yah i would rep for the paper-white kindle. i have an ipod, laptop, android AND a paper-white. i know the current obsession is to have one thing that does everything, but that's not really how i roll. i buy all my e-books from amazon, and since i'm reading a lot of trash lately i have a...
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    who's listening to Serial, the podcast?

    i'm fucking OBSESSED with this show, after binge-listening to the first 8 episodes a week ago (i'm always late to the party when it comes to whatever is 'hip'/'current'/'cool to hate because it's popular') and now i'm starting again because i'm forcing @jordan to listen now as well. who wants...
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    Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

    yeah, given the way she died - clearly there was a struggle, and it seems like if it was really the chinese, they would have just shot her - he should be thinking more clearly about who did it. but he's also in shock and just wanting anyone to pay for it as soon as possible. but i also felt like...
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    Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

    SPOILERS FROM THE END OF LAST SEASON (where did the spoiler tags go, mjp??) i buy it - think of all the awful shit gemma has done, that he has known about, and he's always forgiven her. think about the absolute loyalty the club puts above all else - and gemma is a big part of the club. he is...
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    This site will cure whatever's wrong with you guy is a friend of ours and also did this:
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    This site will cure whatever's wrong with you
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    Douglas Coupland

    lots of OTM ^^^ the later stuff is really almost embarrassing to read, it's so corny.
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    Good Documentaries

    Let the Fire Burn: Shedding light on the fiery 1985 standoff between the extremist group MOVE and Philadelphia authorities, this thoughtful documentary dissects the tragedy from all angles, using interviews, archival footage and home movies to get to the truth.
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    do you know a place in these forums for sharing poetry and stories?

    i was gonna suggest is a better place for posting your personal writing/stories, but it's just an empty site now...
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    MILK #3/4 double issue

    that is extremely impressive, josh!