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  1. justine

    who's listening to Serial, the podcast?

    i'm fucking OBSESSED with this show, after binge-listening to the first 8 episodes a week ago (i'm always late to the party when it comes to whatever is 'hip'/'current'/'cool to hate because it's popular') and now i'm starting again because i'm forcing @jordan to listen now as well. who wants...
  2. justine

    American Horror Story

    anyone watching this? it's completely fucking batshit, and i really shouldn't watch since i'm a total baby and suffer nightmares on the reg, but now i'm 4 episodes deep so i have to keep watching to find out what happens.
  3. justine

    for the bukowski fan in your life - Inspired by the incredibly overly handsome, Charles Bukowski
  4. justine

    abandoned cities/buildings/amusement parks

    i'm a big fan of abandoned man-made places. just something creepy and also serene and fascinating about them. someone on facebook linked to some photos they took at the abandoned 'california city', as part of obscura day 2010, which got me thinking about this stuff for the first time in a...
  5. justine

    New Chapbook from Chance Press - No. 2236 Flying Wedge

    our latest project is complete and ready for ordering and shipping! who is our illustrious new collaborator....??? the one and only MJP, of course! details here.
  6. justine

    New from Chance Press, redux! Hines chapbook

    steve hines' new collection will be ready in about 2 weeks, but covers are now completed and we're just waiting for them to dry: deluxe edition won't be ready for about a month, maybe.
  7. justine

    sparklehorse - dangermouse - david lynch

    in searching for some vic chestnutt stuff, i came across this unreleased album on NPR's website: apparently, due to record label issues, it's not being released any time soon but you can listen to it for free here
  8. justine

    do you wear glasses?

    if so, you should check out these two websites: not to sound all spammy, but buying prescription glasses/sunglasses from an optometrist is such a rip. i was dubious about buying online till someone i knew was first successful. so far...
  9. justine

    hulu - a thread for free tv

    list your top picks: mine is this documentary i just watched, Confessions of a Superhero i'm quite a voyeur, so i like any kind of documentary that digs into people's lives, no matter who the people are. this one is about 4...
  10. justine

    poetry reading in santa monica 28 march 2009

    joan jobe smith asked me to post this on her behalf: hello you guys... hoping this is the right email address to tell you abt the 1st Annual Bukowski Festival celebration of literature, poetry & art to be held Sat., Mar 28, 2009 @ 8pm at The Elephant Theatre, 6324 W. Santa Monica Blvd, Los...
  11. justine

    duplex printer/scanner recommendations

    we are in the market to buy a decent printer, anyone here got some well-advised recommendations?
  12. justine

    happy birthday, number6horse!

    due to my astonishing ability to see one day into the future, i have ascertained that it is dave's birthday tomorrow. never too early to start celebrations/drinking/general-birthday-debauchery! i made you a cake: have a great day!
  13. justine

    Happy Birthday, Bill!

    wow the birthdays are coming thick and fast! it's not actually your birthday in the US, but as usual, it IS your birthday here in NZ, so happy birthday, thank you for all you contribute here, and thank you for all the amazing support, advice and encouragement you have given me personally...
  14. justine

    Happy Birthday Jordan!!

    if this was supposed to be secret or something, too bad i guess... have a fantastically awesome birthday! i baked you a vegan/vegetarian birthday cake: *hugs and stuff*
  15. justine

    ATTN: letterpressers who want to talk about letterpressing

    so i've been accepted into a summer course at my university, called "print, communication & culture". it's run by the university's small press ( and the prescription is: An introduction to the history of the book and print in western, eastern and...
  16. justine

    boozy birthday wishes: bukfan & hank solo

    bukfan and hank solo, it's YOUR new zealand birthday today! have a good one, guys! [what is with all these october birthdays?? there must be a lot of post-new years sexy-time going on]. i think i will have a drink for you two and hoochmonkey tonight ;)
  17. justine

    happy birthday, hoochmonkey!

    i'm a day early, but it's hallowe'en here in NZ so it's also your birthday... make the most of having two birthday-days! drink and be merry, and have good times with your lady and your little boy :)
  18. justine

    Happy Birthday, Roni!

    ronibert, although it's not yet your birthday in germany, it IS your birthday here in NZ ---- so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favourite german ;) and since it is officially the beginning of your worldwide birthday celebrations, it's perfectly ok for you to start drinking right now. i'll be sure to...
  19. justine

    Pencils made from cremated human remains

    Artist Nadine Jarvis can fabricate pencils from carbon left over by incinerating human remains -- it's part of a larger "research project into post mortem." She notes that "240 pencils can be made from an average body of ash - a lifetime supply of pencils for those left behind." creepy or...
  20. justine


    is the "newest member"... this has GOT to be a spammer... or maybe it's... ironic???
  21. justine

    Myspace... home of all the crazies...

    despite the dissing of myspace that goes on, i've found it a good way to meet people, and i've actually met a lot of very interesting and very lovely people through my profile. but... every now and again a crazy person makes nice then unleashes his TRUE nature... i got a message from a guy...
  22. justine

    A moment of silence in rembrance...

    or a big fat glass of red wine... but i guess this forum is a perpetual form of remembrance...
  23. justine

    the poetry of spam

    said to be equal or unequal. For instance, one solid is said to be other, that which is in any way the cause may reasonably be said to be moreover, and cold, whiteness, and blackness are affective reached the stage when it is by nature capable of sighOne thing is like another only...
  24. justine

    who is Carson McCullers?

    i just read the poem, is this a real person?
  25. justine

    goddamn bastard customers

    it's 4pm and time to close the shop!! it's been dead all day, and one minute before i shut the doors some thoughtless woman walks in, ignoring the open-hours sign... my only consolation is more time on now she's trying to ask me stupid questions which i've already answered! maybe...