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    About the book: "The Captain is Out to..."

    Hello, About: "The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship" In light of my new discovery of the atrocious and disgusting job or whatever they have done with Bukowski's posthumous work, I would like to ask about this particular book. How much has it been messed with, if...
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    Pulp the Poem

    Hello, there. Transit - No. 1 - 1993 Bukowski have 6 poems in this edition of the Magazine. One of them is called 'Pulp' and I'd very much like to read it. Maybe I shouldn't be asking, requesting, for things I shouldn't be allow to have it (because I know these Magazines cost money), so it's...
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    Bukowski & Detective & Aviation Stories

    You're right. Thanks for the answer. Yes, I'm waiting for my copy of Pulp and Women that was delayed due to all that is happening. Too bad he didn't write Aviation and more Noir-ish stories, meaning, stories beyond gutter, bums, and women—meaning, genre-esque stories. I can't wait for Pulp...
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    Bukowski & Detective & Aviation Stories

    Hello, new here! I have just read a poem called "neither Shakespeare or Mickey Spillane" and in the poem Bukowski mentions writing Detective and Aviator stories for Magazines. Is it true? Could you tell me where to find those, I mean, in what collection and names? I love those type of stories...
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    New Here & Recommendations?

    Hello there, I'm new here. Can anyone recommend me think pieces of Charles Bukowski like the revolution piece from Notes of a Dirty Old Man? The "All the rivers are going to get higher?" one? I see there is two articles on the Main Site aswell, so other than that. Oh, and what is some of the...