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  1. Socratease

    James Ellroy: American Dog

    Just watched this French production on local free to air. Found it quite interesting as I have never seen or heard Ellroy in the flesh before. Strange guy indeed. He talks about trying to investigate his mother's grisly murder some 37 years later -- which resulted in his book "My Dark Places"...
  2. Socratease

    Just finished Pulp

    I have just finished Pulp and this seems to be an appropriate thread to comment in. [Sorry, I moved it. - ed] There's a scarcity of debate on Pulp on the forum generally, which is kinda strange ... like the book. Does this mean that comparatively few people have read it, or perhaps that those...
  3. Socratease

    Descriptions of Buk

    As a bit of fun, inspired by my ongoing research, and the piece quoted elsewhere from Esquire, I thought I'd start a thread documenting the various descriptions of Buk to be found in critiques, reviews, bios, etc. Okay first cab off the rank must be the cliched: Poet laureate of skid row...
  4. Socratease

    John Fante - A Sad Flower in the Sand

    I was interested to read about this 1999 documentary made on John Fante but was bummed out when I pressed the 'Get the DVD' button only to be told that "DVD copies of A SAD FLOWER IN THE SAND are currently unavailable". Anybody seen it...
  5. Socratease

    Lilly was not one of Buk's women

    By way of a diversion, I have just been reading what's marked as the shooting script of Barfly. Unusually for a screenplay, more like a stage play, Bukowski gives longish descriptions at the front of the script of some of the bar residents. The piece for Lilly -- she who sits at the end of the...
  6. Socratease

    Socratease signs on

    Hi folks, I live in Sydney, Australia, and am now retired after too many decades in the IT game. I had never heard of Buk until about a year ago when I bought a copy of Barfly from a $5 bin amongst a bunch of other stuff. I was wowed by that film, not so much for Mickey Rourke's acting but...