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    Songs Whose Titles Tell You Everything You Need to Know About the Song

    Speaking of rap, this is the first one I could think of. Still makes me chuckle.
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    Bukowski, A Life: The Centennial Edition

    I personally always try to separate the art from the artist. That being said, if I like the art, I'm probably going to be investigating at least a little about the artist. Sometimes the life of the artist even transcends the art they make for me, for example Dalí, Burroughs and Lemmy. Sometimes...
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    Computer Connoisseurs: I need help

    I was just wondering if anyone knows any helpful sources, books and such things, for learning the basics about programming, cybersecurity, hacking and/or other things like that. I've grown more interested in the past few months with regards to these things, specially cybersecurity which...
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    Shits and Giggles

    I'd rather sniff some glue, thank you.
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    Seen any good movies lately?

    I finally saw it, and I really don’t know what to think.
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    What are you drinking?

    I'm just drinking a lot of Jack at this point. Not cheap enough, not as expensive a others, but tolerable and mixes well with coke.
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    Recommendations please?

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I could sit here and recommend you all of my favorites by Bukowski, but it may be better that I tell you this place has a huge database full of Bukowski's work, and even a timeline if you wanna know more about his life. There are also many threads in which people...
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    For those of you that write...

    Hey man, I was like that, too. My parents always thought I was lying because I couldn’t keep my eyes fixed on anyone else's. It wasn’t until recent years that I've become more outgoing and a better talker, but the nerves you get from people are always there in some form or another. I wrote...
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    For those of you that write...

    😂 No worries man, but, most of all, no pressure.
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    For those of you that write...

    How have the writers here been doing throughout the lockdown? Is there an ongoing project you have in stores? Has your writing stagnated? Has it improved? I have personally managed to pump out the usual poem, and a few really short stories. I've had an idea for a novel for a while and I feel...
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    Seen any good movies lately?

    Just saw these two. Highly recommend both.
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    Does my phone and a pair of headphones count as fine audio reproduction equipment?
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    What Are You Reading?

    It was sitting on my bookshelf so I said "why not?" It's taking me a lot longer than it should, since I'm practically plowing through the thing but don’t wanna drop it this far into it (sunk cost fallacy, I know). I think Marlow sorta summarizes my feelings towards it in one part of the book...
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    art & artists

    I also don't have a Facebook for the same reason. I'm thinking a). sharing the link on my Instagram page as a story (it's not like I have a lot of followers or artistic friends, but maybe it could help) or b). reaching out to the people I know are into art personally and casually dropping the link.
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    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    I've seen the term "collective trauma" thrown around a few places on the internet when talking about the pandemic, and while I don’t know if it's collective (I guess that’s why I'm asking), I'm certainly starting to feel it myself. At the beginning of the quarantine I was sort of excited to see...
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    What Are You Reading?

    Re-reading this right now. Roughly translated it would be Chin Chin The Wino. Best way I could describe it is kind of like Factotum, written in a Hubert Selby style (lack of puntuation, lots of slang and no regard for grammar) and set in Tepito, Mexico City. It's worth checking out (though I...
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    art & artists

    I just found out about Leonora Carrington. I had never heard about her before. I've been looking through her work a little and it looks very interesting. She seems really sincere in her approach to art, too.
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    I'm new and had my Bukowski collection stolen twice...

    That sucks. Hope you can get it all back.
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    I'm personally a sucker for old, colonial architecture. The historic downtown of Cartagena, Colombia is a good example. We have something similar where I live but let’s just say that, unlike the one in Cartagena, it hasn’t been taken care of as it should. It’s mostly dilapidated and abandoned...
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    I'm new and had my Bukowski collection stolen twice...

    Hello! Welcome to the forum. How was your collection stolen?