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  1. doobiewah

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    According to the post, it says it's Charles with his dog in the early '50s. Could that be the one he had with Jane when they where shacked up? Or is it just a stray dog from the beach?
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    Just like Depeche said... People are people so why should it be You and I should get along so awfully?
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    The real shame is you couldn't do it sooner, right?
  4. doobiewah

    Bukowski culinary tastes

    He dabbled in seaweed, snails and octopi prior to his divorce to Barbara. Fried in golden butter. Not sure if he ever repeated the menu.
  5. doobiewah

    Bukowski Merchandise

    Nice models! What happened with the shop? I've always wondered why there's no official Bukowski merchandise like beer, coasters, typewriter dust covers... and who'd get a piece of the action there: Family or editor?
  6. doobiewah

    Post Office - Janko

    Are there mentions of Janko in poems? I'd love to read that. Anyhow, maybe he wrote Janko in as some form of comic relief to add yet another antagonist that made him go crazy. Maybe. I'd love to get my hands on a roster from the L.A. Terminal Annex to check out the real names (other than Dom...
  7. doobiewah

    Post Office - Janko

    Yeah. Who knows...
  8. doobiewah

    Post Office - Janko

    I'm probably reading too much into the character, but if it's not real, it may be an imaginary person crafted by Bukowski's damaged nerves. Like a peppy Bukowski who's into the job but still wants to make it big with a novel. Janko was writing about the post office but he ended up deviating the...
  9. doobiewah

    Bukowski Merchandise

    I bought a custom t-shirt that lasted me for almost a decade. Brown, with an illustration of the picture where he's standing in the kitchen from those sessions where he's lifting weights. Very few people told me it was cool, but I remember the faces my Literature teacher made the first time he...
  10. doobiewah

    TV series

    I loved every single episode. Some more than others, of course. The animated show may be a bit much, and a second season is about to drop soon. I prefer the live action stuff, to be honest.
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    TV series

  12. doobiewah

    OpenAI Gpt-3

    Not a bad idea. I'd love to hear the New Testament narrated by Charles Bukowski.
  13. doobiewah

    I was searching for misanthropy self-diagnosis...

    It's never too late to start reading Bukowski...
  14. doobiewah

    About Bob Dylan

    That's a killer trio right there. As to "Pretty Maids All in a Row", you can't go wrong with Joe Walsh in any of his eras. He was very subdued in the Eagles, though...
  15. doobiewah

    "...this is probably historically the first country song inspired by a Charles Bukowski thought that has gotten to No. 1..."

    Not bad at all... not bad to look at either. Talking about lyrics, Hank only had one rhyming poem, right? I always wondered if he'd start writing songs one day. Probably not, but still a what if scenario.
  16. doobiewah

    How do you follow Bukowski

    If you're drunk, eat a couple of boiled eggs with chili powder.
  17. doobiewah

    Post Office - Janko

    Has anyone ever discovered Janko's true identity? Did he ever get the chance to go to New York and shake the hands of the publishers?
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    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    The Christmas one is so rough...
  19. doobiewah

    Bukowski's Music

    He also liked Randy Newman.