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  1. Bukowski

    Another Boring Poem about the Racetrack

    The poem was about his writing another boring poem about the racetrack, and he talked about his struggle to take his penis out to urinate, because his boxers were on the wrong way around. I thought it was in the collection Dangling in the Tournefortia; however, I can't find it. Can anyone help...
  2. Bukowski

    Bukowski's Posthumous Poems

    Has anyone produced an official/unofficial publication of Bukowski's collected posthumous poems, in their unedited form?
  3. Bukowski

    The Complete Poems of Charles Bukowski

    Is there anywhere where I can get a hold of the complete poems of Charles Bukowski? I have dribs and drabs of poems from online sources, and I own The Pleasures of the Damned; however, I'd love to have access to all of the poems. I'm probably more concerned with the stuff published in his...