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    LA Times FBI article From
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    and still the night left to go: poems and letters by Christopher Cunningham

    Poems Paperbacks, fresh
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    and still the night left to go: poems and letters by Christopher Cunningham

    Also the hardbacks will have a hand typed unpublished original poem tipped in. For kicks, mostly.
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    and still the night left to go: poems and letters by Christopher Cunningham

    It's a thing that exists. I am almost certain. Disturbances in the Force and all that.
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    and still the night left to go: poems and letters by Christopher Cunningham

    Hooch I am eligible for an upgrade in twoscore years and a fortnight. I will take it under advisement. Hosh people were probably talking about Miley Cyrus. I understand she did a little something with herself recently.
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    and still the night left to go: poems and letters by Christopher Cunningham

    Thanks a million bill. It's a goddamn honor. I advise you people here to make yr lives complete by purchasing this book which smells like endurance and honeysuckle. It will solve all yr petty grievances, and give you a fresh feeling all over. It's like a puppy who never shits in the house...
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    Thanks? I feel swell.
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    I'm alive. Can I get a confirmation on this?
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    Guerilla Poetics Project

    Wait wait...I never got my mInk. I shall expect restitution. Have it sent to my island immediately or I shall thrash the lot of you with my gilded cane.
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    Postcards of Some BoSP Titles

    I'll take some, if some is still available, old sport. (I think 'is' is appropriate grammar-wise since "some" is a singular 'group,' yes?) (still, sounds weird.)(I might be over-thinking.) send to asheville pls.thx.
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    Leonard J. Cirino has died

    he was a kind poetic soul; I exchanged quite a few notes and spirited letters with leo during his years in the small press trenches. he was devoted to the poem, no question. he'll be missed.
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    Sun Dog Press & My First Book

    hooch, they are. delicious, too, sauteed with your eggs in the morning. I grew five acres of sweet minions this year, but the minion-weevils got em...
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    Sun Dog Press & My First Book

    I have an extra Bukowski Mantle that's too heavy for me to carry if anyone wants it. you just have to pay the freight to have it trucked to your location. I am not Richie Cunningham.
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    9 in Nine - A 9 Day Printing & Bookbinding Odyssey from Bottle of Smoke Press

    well, I got the Schumejda HB and man oh man is that fucker sweet. also: nice work hosh. bill, sir, you are truly a BOSS of BOSSES. ride on, my man, ride on...
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    Mendicant Bookworks

    looks like mendicant finally got themselves a lady, per your request, Ms. McCreesh... good one, cunningham... yeah, right? yep. (congrats, seriously)
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    The pleasures of the drammed

    I predict hosh will have something to say, Lagavulin wise... not snobbish, this thread. just booze, right? I know from whence you come though; back when I had money (for about a couple months) I used to drink damn good wine and got plenty of grief for discussing it. now it's mostly just...
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    Mendicant Bookworks

    a small press putting out eBooks (right now, with print in its possible future) has released its first few titles by small press folks like Doug Draime, JA Tyler, Alan Catlin, Joseph Ridgewell and a chump named Cunningham. short stories for $0.99, and you can get em at...
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    GPP Reader - free eBook!

    I'm sure formatting was a joy, huh? great work, my man, and thanks for keeping the GPP alive. that shit was a lot of fun. mostly.
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    time not valuable? kill some of it reading this...

    a brief short story by me at Night Train: remember: I will NOT reimburse you for the time you spend reading it. that time will be gone forever, friend.
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    Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon

    sorry to drag this thread out of obscurity, but our book of letters has been released as an eBook, cost: $5.35 for some 200 pp. of us droning on about life, politics, poetry and other assorted bullshit, with 25% of the proceeds going to charity. check out the info here...
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    8.8 magnitude quake in Japan

    yeah, that footage was some of the craziest shit I've seen. I've always wondered about that "wall" of water described when one of these events happen, but jesus, until you see a fifteen or twenty foot wall of water like that sweeping the countryside clean, carrying houses and semis away in the...
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    the drug called Charlie Sheen

    oh he loves it...I mean, this guy is really something. I don't think he's going down, frankly. and even though his show is a piece of shit, truly, a piece of stinking banal stinking shit, he is awesome in his grandiose bravado and pure high flying madness. he's been given every opportunity...