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  1. EsmagaSapos

    Soft White Underbelly

    This YouTube channel features interviews with dozens of drug addicts, homeless, prostitutes, gang members, pimps, and others living on the margins of society, mostly from LA Skid-row. This channel posts videos very regularly, if you follow it share the stories that intrigued you the most. Here's...
  2. EsmagaSapos

    Pursuit of Wonder - Don't Try - The Philosophy of Charles Bukowski

    It's a famous YouTube philosophy page, uploaded this a day ago.
  3. EsmagaSapos

    a youngster from portugal, here...

    greetings, this was what lead me to bukowski. not that long ago. two months maybe. i won't lie, his needing to be alone is heartwarming to me, is comforting. i haven't read or listen to almost anything thought by the man. changing that. i like blue bird, crunches, nirvana, born into this, the...