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  1. EsmagaSapos

    Seen any good movies lately?

    Oh, I love Jarmusch, Adam Driver was really good, very interesting picture. I like the American indies, especially Cassavetes, Todd Solondz and Harmony Korine. Talking about the latest, saw Korine's The Beach Bum last night. Regret. It had a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Big Lebowski...
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    Any of y'all into photography?

    In January I fond a Canon DSLR that my sister bought and never used. For two weeks I was taking photography's 5-6 hours a day learning the triangle, just stuff I saw around the house. It only lasted two weeks, I'm learning watercolor painting. I planned on keep this going, but... planning was...
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    Classical Music Anyone?

    The video description, worth seeing.
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    What Are You Reading?

    available for 15-days renting here.
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    Lello library, Porto city, Portugal
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    Soft White Underbelly

    This YouTube channel features interviews with dozens of drug addicts, homeless, prostitutes, gang members, pimps, and others living on the margins of society, mostly from LA Skid-row. This channel posts videos very regularly, if you follow it share the stories that intrigued you the most. Here's...
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    Shits and Giggles

    I remember when this guy actually uploaded interesting stuff, like, when he didn't had that many viewers. Now it's just click-bait titles, stopped watching at cuba.
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    Recommended Bukowski books for newbie

    I'd start by listening to THIS IS NOT A TEST: episode 2, episode 29, episode 55, essential bukowski and a trip to bukowski house. There's also a book, mentioned in episode 29, i believe, it's said it covered the ground pretty well, it's expensive though.
  9. EsmagaSapos

    Shits and Giggles

    Who the fuck is she? seems like, someone not famous, but then does some stupid shit and gets famous, and then, not famous again ...
  10. EsmagaSapos

    Somebody get grandad away from the 35mm!

    Ansel Adams, a master. here's something that might interest you. starts around the 9-minute mark and later. If that's too much work - boring, you can always go all vivian maier, what genuine artist that girl was.
  11. EsmagaSapos

    TV series

    I have a sister that paints nails for a living, and she charges extra for 'nail art' - drawing a camel, or a santa on christmas. I've never saw a Lynch movie, and it's strange because his one of the great American directors and I've seen many of them, but never him. What I did see, was a movie...
  12. EsmagaSapos

    TV series

    making an effort to end season 3. it's been lasting almost a year. for some reason i didn't get twin peaks. it reminds me of bukowski when he said: they bored me... trees, greenness, it's like: green trees, green trees, green trees.
  13. EsmagaSapos

    What Role Do Artists Play in Gentrification?

    One of my favorite films from last year was 'the last black man in san francisco', check it out, you might like it. It was very well done, the point of the movie was: it was not the people that lived in san francisco that lost the city, was the city that lost the people, because they made the...
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    Seen any good movies lately?

    i think bukowski would love this guy, joão césar monteiro, portuguese, a sort of crumb, more intellectually clever, with more sense of humor and more artistic minded. here's one of my favorite movies of his, not the most famous one, called 'recollections of the yellow house' with english...
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    Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

    i'm on the same boat, i just don't like it, it's too edgy. i wanted to watch something like the wire, or sopranos, something with a mind and not too pushy. i'm kinda new into this series world, now it's a kind of schizophrenia, everyone is making series, most of them seems to be trash, i plan on...