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    A book of short stories

    In terms of word count, what I've seen generally is that anything between 8,000 and 20,000 words is considered a novellete and between 20,000 and 40,000, a novella. I suppose it's arbitrary but I've noticed journals usually don't want pieces over five or six thousand words. About your novella...
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    Last Call Chinaski

    I've basically said my piece on this subject but... I don't think of money as "filthy lucre." I'd love to have lots more of it. And maybe spread it around a bit. "No, it's $5 for a contributor's copy..." So anyone who submits gets a copy, regardless of whether they are accepted? "AGAIN I...
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    Last Call Chinaski

    Working out a business deal with a publisher to put out your work is one thing. Paying to have your work "looked at" for potential publication is another, sadly. In the past, and still now in some instances, publishers of journals (which is what we're addressing primarily here) did "figure it...
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    Last Call Chinaski

    It's always cost money to do anything. Why do you think our pal Bukowski had to work shitty jobs for 30 years. Do you think he would have paid to submit his work to some lit mag or anthology? I highly doubt it. Contests have always had payments attached to them but the horrible practice of...
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    Last Call Chinaski

    There will also be a small reading fee, to cover mailing (USA only) and help offset the cost of creating the book, which will be 6 X 9 inches. The fee is $5, which you can pay using paypal or by check (see details below). The book will retail for $20. Author orders will be $15 (in case you want...
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    A book of short stories

    Firstly, I really don't think you should tie what your writing into "making a career." A writer writes what she/he needs to write. Period. That is, if you're a real writer. I'm not saying to forego thinking about your career, only that if a short story needs to come out of you then why stop it...
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    Invisible City -Number Three-November, 1971 - 4 Buk poems

    Really dig that Basted piece -- those first 3 verses pack a wallop I prefer this style to his more "narrative one"; the rhythm, the stiletto lines, the flaring off into space and under the earth
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    Article: Why We Can Stop Reading Charles Bukowski by Matt Reimann

    When I first glanced at this I saw it as Why We Can't Stop Reading Bukowski. I think that's the reality for his true fans who love his writing and can get past (or beyond) the myths. there are many stronger writers, of superior artistry, perspective, depth, and temperament that beat Bukowski...
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    In which year did Bukowski wrote Democracy?

    Martin should have been a butcher. He's so blind he probably couldn't see he was living out the very idea of Buk's poem there...
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    Tom Waits

    I'm not gonna duke it out with you guys over the merits of Waits' music--or his persona--but I will say I'm a big aficionado of his work and don't see him at all as a "fake" or pretender. Almost every performer takes on a persona of some kind, a mask, to both protect themselves from the pubic...
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    Please suggest some writers who are like Bukowski

    I suggest Antonin Artaud who wrote unclassifiable things--prose poems, rants, manifestos. Really out there on the edge. Check out his "Van Gogh, The Man Suicided By Society." Wow. Also Denis Johnson who was a terrific poet and wrote a bunch of kick-ass novels. His story collection Jesus's Son...
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    WTB: Bukowski in the Bathtub & Todd Moore titles

    Different version, I suppose but -- Try here:
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    I'm thinking Nabakov, perhaps?
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    Hello, again...

    Actually, that "again" in the title is metaphoric. I haven't been here before (but haven't we all?), just that every Buk fan feels like he knows every other Buk fan. I think. Just let me say "Bravo" to our founder MJP and all the great and hard work he's done exposing the chicanery of...