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  1. Hannah

    The Bukowski forum is closing

    No. The site isn't going anywhere. Yes, there are less expensive hosting options, but they come at a different cost. The forum wouldn't perform well on shared hosting, and a dedicated server is a whole other bag of fish. Most "normal" people aren't cut out to manage a dedicated...
  2. Hannah

    Two Early Original Typescripts (Not Carbons) & Other Signed Items

    Who wrote "Finding Charles Bukowski's Lost Horses"?
  3. Hannah

    The Bukowski forum is closing

    This forum is closing at the end of 2020 or very early 2021. If anyone knows of a good candidate to take it over, I'm all ears. Taking it over means taking it over. The domain name, the hosting, the forum software, the backups -- everything. Once I leave it, I don't want to touch it again...
  4. Hannah

    Original Sketch Art?

    The older it is, I mean the further back you can trace it, the less likely it is to be fake. There was no money in faking Bukowski until the internet blew up. For what it's worth, the writing and signature look beleiveable to me. And you can apply a bit of logic to these things as well...
  5. Hannah

    Original Sketch Art?

    There are things that say 'no,' for sure. Not the least of which are all those dots in the sketches - those are typically signs of stop points that show up when someone is copying something. But you didn't tell us anything about where or who it came from, what kind of paper that is, or how old...
  6. Hannah

    Uncollected versus Collected

    Bye Dulka.
  7. Hannah

    Good Documentaries

    I think the first one I have is from 1973 too. I used to have a two-foot-high stack of them, but I think I only kept a few. I'll have to dig them out from wherever they are...
  8. Hannah

    "Murder" in NYQ 47

    It doesn't appear to be collected. I'll fix the NYQ database entry.
  9. Hannah

    1st Sixpack

    I don't think this one has been collected. Keith418, if you have a date for the magazine I can add it to the database. Also, a list of the other poems would be helpful.
  10. Hannah

    Hotel from Hell

    Could be the Hotel Felix in 1958. It was (is) a two-story building and he started his mail clerk job that year, so those details line up. Then again it could be any of a dozen other places at a dozen other times.
  11. Hannah

    Blank Gun Silencer - No. 7 - 1993: A Tree, A Road, A Toenail

    Anything in Blank Gun Silencer would be direct from the manuscript. The same poem(s) in Sifting would be Martin's handiwork.
  12. Hannah

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    Not sure what kind of ROCK you speak of. I don't know of any ROCK that would benefit from the clinky, plinky sound of a Telecaster.
  13. Hannah

    Forum update

    By the way, here's some of what's in store soon. Nothing terribly disruptive, a couple of cool things. The usual software upgrade junk. Forum and thread types system Updated rich text editor User profile banners Username change requests Search forums Writing before registering support...
  14. Hannah

    Long-time listener, first time caller

    Sherman and Bukowski didn't start corresponding until 1960. During '60 and '61 Jane and Bukowski were only friends and didn't see each other often. Then, of course, she died. So Sherman may have met Jane, but it's unlikely that he knew her. And he would have met her near the end of her life...
  15. Hannah

    Forum update

    That's probably what crashed the forum. But do feel free to try again. Poor, maligned Mr. Martin deserves the effort.
  16. Hannah

    Forum update

    Just pretend the last 16 hours never happened. Because as far as the forum is concerned, they didn't. If you posted something earth-shattering during that time, you may want to repost it. If you signed up for the forum in the last 16 hours you'll have to sign up again.
  17. Hannah

    Bukowski 100 (editions)

    It's not as bad as what they did to LesPaul guitars five years ago, so we shouldn't complain.
  18. Hannah

    5124 De Longpre - new photos

    You never know. Plenty of people say things like that and really mean them, so I can't assume. No worries.
  19. Hannah

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    Television often struck me as some guys who just learned how to play guitar scales and really wanted to show you how they went, so they made up some songs to showcase their noodling. But the song Marquee Moon is a jagged little (or big) nugget of what was, at the time, sincere and genuine...
  20. Hannah

    Opinions on whether this looks real?

    It's probably fine. The loop in the B is unusual, but he did it sometimes. Look at manuscripts from 1985 to compare.
  21. Hannah


  22. Hannah


    Yeah, it's a tough act to follow. Maybe I should have retired after that. "Thank you, goodnight!" A true performer knows when to exit stage left. But I'm far too self-involved to do that.