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    Uncollected versus Collected

    I’ll sometimes come upon a collection of poems in a book with a title like: “Irwin Snodgrass: The Uncollected Poems”. Well, the book is a friggin’ COLLECTION of poems, so how the hell can it be called “uncollected”? The title BELIES (gotta love this word) the contents of the book. WTF? One more...
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    Blank Gun Silencer - No. 7 - 1993: A Tree, A Road, A Toenail

    “Blatant tonality” sounds like Bukowski. He could be awkward when it came to “big words”. Of course, “tonality” is not the sort of word he would ever use in conversation, so is this the work of the Christian Scientist? I count about five adverbs linked to “laughing”. Is this Martinizing? There...
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    Bukowski by Taylor Hackford - documentary download

    We see Linda King here, well well, she was still in Buk’s mind in the early 1980s, as evidenced by a bunch of steamy love letters he wrote to her at that time, years after they had broken up. “The Widow” (Montfort’s subsequent nickname for Bukowski’s then live-in squeeze), was not amused. Buk...
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    Long-time listener, first time caller

    I’m guessing that Neeli Cherkovsky fits the bill as the only person alive in 2020 that knew, or met, Bukowski in 1960 or earlier. It seems like a weird thing to be interested in but I’m fascinated by the pre-“kind-of-famous”-Bukowski, before he began writing his newspaper columns for various...
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    Long-time listener, first time caller

    Thanks. Is there anyone who knew Bukowski in the late 50s and early 1960s still alive? Tom Moto? The Stone?
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    Long-time listener, first time caller

    I begin with a question: Is Jory Sherman, once a buddy of Bukowski and later a writer of alliteratively titled cowboy novels, still alive? I’m curious because in one of his dreadful semi-memoirs he refers to Jane Cooney Baker as being fat and none-too-bright? If he’s still alive that would make...