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  1. miyavi

    New Ecco paperback covers (July 2014) and new collections (July 2015)

    According to Jim amazon Ecco will release at least Ham on Rye, Post Office and Women with a new cover design in 2014. Anybody got more info on this?
  2. miyavi

    The Way It Works (Chapbook, Racetrack Press 1994)

    I hope this wasn’t discussed before, I couldn’t find any information over here, in the database or anywhere else. So I’m asking for details about this very little chapbook(4”x 5,5”). I bought it some weeks ago and it does not look very official. There is no copyright information included except...
  3. miyavi

    You win some, you lose some.

    Well after some years of lurking I finally want to contribute to this community. Instead of writing some kind of poor introduction, I want to start with one (kind of) sad story and one very, very lucky story of my BUK related life.