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    New Edition of William S. Burroughs Unforgettable Characters

    Now Available: William S. Burroughs Unforgettable Characters : Lola "La Chata" and Bernabe Jurado published by Inkblot, April 2013 Revised Edition. 68 pp. intro by Jack Sargeant. Burroughs essay by Michael Spann. Plus Burroughs' own 'My Most Unforgettable Character'. Illustrated $10 plus...
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    Interview with Carl Weissner

    An interview with Bukowski's translator and agent, Carl Weissner is available from xochi publications in xochi23 vol3. The interview, which is wide ranging, is from 1984 and will be great reading for fans of Bukowski and William S. Burroughs. For more details contact or see...