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    loving and hating charles bukowski

    gotta say thanks for that recommendation. maybe 1/5 through pamela's and 4/5 linda's. pamela's is an easier and more fun read frankly. but linda's is great too. glad i'm reading them both.
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    loving and hating charles bukowski

    spoiler alert. but thanks, i'll check it out.
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    loving and hating charles bukowski

    Reading Linda King's book now, only like 1/5 through but loving it. Bukowski has frankly been a huge influence on my life. I relate to the way he sees the world and I relate to a lot in this book too. I guess that's why it's good? I've read Women easily a dozen times so it's really...
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    Bukowski and Li Po (and translation)

    Bukowski often refers to the "wine" Li Po drank and sometimes even "red wine." I always wondered if this was a translation thing as well, and if closer to what we think of as sake, or some kind of rice wine, would have been more likely.
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    I picked up on Celine from Bukowski and must say Journey to the End of the Night is probably the best book I have ever read. I have followed up on a lot of the authors Bukowski frequently mentions, but never Turgenev. Basically I am looking for a starting point, anything you'd recommend, or if...
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    Suspected Bukowski reference in crappy film

    stuck in a plane for 12 hours I watched bit of a really awful Christmas movie starring Vince Vaughn (as Santa Claus' brother). In one scene he refers to his girlfriend by her full name, (something) Bukowski. I thought hmm, I could see Vince Vaughn being a fan and making an intentional...
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    Journey to the End of the Night

    Thanks. There is an amazing-looking interview on youtube with him, I think from 1957? Obviously in French so I just watched a bit. Anyway I couldn't sleep last night and was up around 6:30 reading Journey, decided to try Guignol's Band next. It's on order, so I'll let you know...
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    Journey to the End of the Night

    If you're on this forum you've probably checked it out via Bukowski's repeated recommendation and citation but GOOD GOD is this a hell of a book. Reading it for the 3rd or 4th time now and there are more darkly hilarious laugh out loud lines than I could ever possibly quote here but just for...
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    Recurring Bukowski themes you do / don't appreciate

    I'm not big on the horse poems, and the poems where he talks about the fact that no one likes his horse poems aren't favorites either. And the ones about cats I'm not so into. I do like that he repeatedly refers to his great legs, and that he liked to drink in his "shorts" in order to show...
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    A Bukowski line that made you laugh out loud!

    RubyRed that's one of my favorites too. Mildot, I have quoted that one in emails to friends before detailing stories of my own idiocies. "love is for guitar players, catholics, and chess freaks" "I don't know what happened to the track star. He just ran off I guess." I love that...
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    How often do you drink?

    The thread about Bukowski's habits got me thinking. That some people found 7 days a week out of the question was surprising. I've drank every day for a good 10 years now, steadily creeping up from 3-4 to more like 6-7 a day. I don't get drunk or do things I otherwise wouldn't, I'm rarely...
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    Bukowski and homosexuals - 1972 interview

    Interesting bit and I can't wait to read the linked Hustler interview, thanks! I think it's pretty standard Bukowski, he relates what happened in an interesting, possibly fictionalized way, but doesn't tell you it's correct or good. The same with women, no? He speaks of and treats them rather...
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    I don't think most authors would appreciate being thought of as good shitting material, but I read Bukowski on the crapper with an utterly clean conscience.
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    crappy looking store named "Bukowski" in tokyo

    Strange. The site seems to reference the man and his work... yet is appears to be a crappy-looking clothing botique...
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    When did you discover Bukowski?

    I spent a lot of time at the big library downtown, checking stuff out and reading whatever held my interest. I worked through the Vonnegut section, just grabbing whatever names other authors references or stuff I had heard about, Satre, Huxley, Bellow, Roth, anything. My friend mentioned...
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    Bukowski peculiar slang terms

    thanks for the ATD Ninjerk. "Roundeye" another definite favorite I've been meaning to use more often.
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    Bukowski peculiar slang terms

    I absolutely love "subnormal." can you link to / point out / re-explain ATD? I could never figure that one out, searched and couldn't find the thread...
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    taste in music as it relates to bukowski

    i love a lotta stuff, old soul, reggae, old punk, lots more but i think it's old punk that has the bukowski link i certainly don't think the man himself would have tolerated it for a second, but in terms of short, sparse, straight, simple arrangement and delivery, there is a common theme...
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    if you like bukowski...

    what else should you read? i've read about every damn bukowski book i can get my hands on. i tried last exit to brooklyn and it was good but no bukowski. few of my all time favs: confederacy of dunces catch 22 lolita steppenwolf 1984 recently started reading philip roth but...
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    favorite novel / book

    i'd have to go with Women. It's the 2nd one I read (after Post Office) but it connected with me more. It's the most fun. Bukowski is still rough, tough and a bit insane but we get to see him having a good time. The primary focus on drinking and girls probably doesn't hurt. It also plays...