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    A Question for the Americans about Rodriguez

    Is there anyone here who can tell me why Rodriguez, ( a Detroit-born musician, never made it big in the US? What was it do you imagine about his music which America found so unacceptable or just unappealing? He has a big following across Australasia and South Africa but not...
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    A star Bukowski could have loved

    I know Bukowski didn't have a whole lotta time for stars, but I reckon he might've made an exception for this old fella...
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    Bukowskian Expressionism

    I love reading Bukowski... When I'm lost Or when I'm overwhelmed with existential angst. When light has been put out and I can't find my way. That's when I think about his work... That's when I find him addictive, Of a kind... Like a man washed overboard Who's sure he's found a...