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  1. Luks

    I cant find that story anymore

    Yes, that's the one with the rich guy, who writes a symphony or something. He wants Henry to write the libretto or something like that.. Anyway thanks for your replies!!!!!
  2. Luks

    I cant find that story anymore

    Dear all! Im looking for one of his stories, where he is with a woman on a motorboat (just the two of them). They ride through different chanels or arms of a river. Every time he turns left, the woman gets pushed towards him (because of gravity). Do you know, where this story is included? It...
  3. Luks

    Greetings and intro via gangsta rap reference...

    Run the jewels is good. I've been following El-P since many years. He deserves this success with RTJ, because he was constantly working on his shit...