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  1. PBBUK

    Little private Bukowski Collection

    Hi MAS Sorry to hear about your father. I'm sure everyone in the forum would be pleased to see the items in your collection. It is very friendly here - and I'm also sure you will receive an honest appraisal of your late father's pieces. Look forwarding to viewing your posts. Regards Paul
  2. PBBUK

    Ken Price from Heat Wave

    Latest Christie’s online auction – lot 1 – Los Angelessness by Ken Price from Heat Wave exhibition – estimate USD15k to 25k! Maybe its time to frame those prints from BSP's Heat Wave!
  3. PBBUK

    Fine Press Edition of Ham on Rye

    Awesome video and the book looks great - best of luck!!!!
  4. PBBUK

    Hot Water Music w/painting, more - auction this weekend

    There were some big prices realised at that auction.
  5. PBBUK

    Sold A few tidbits on eBay

    Great items!
  6. PBBUK

    Prices Lowered-Collection of Bukowski Books.. have had all for many many years..

    This guy is DREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. PBBUK

    Shedding this addiction, and getting the most from it

    Hey Zoom Man Please PM me prices for following - Shakespeare Never Did This, BSP, 1995, Photographer's Copy Bring Me Your Love, BSP, 1983, Artist's Copy Run With the Hunted, BSP, 1993, File Copy Fire Station 1/100 Hard Cover (slightly water warped) with clam shell Thanks
  8. PBBUK

    Post Office First Hard Cover #195 - $799

    Just sold on ebay - I know the spine is faded - but so are probably more than 200 of the 250 copies! That seems super cheap for such an important book and a massive discount to even a year ago. Bargain!
  9. PBBUK

    Bukowski material up for auction at PBA Galleries

    Wow there were some bargains at the PBA auction - shame I wasn't in the market. I just looked through the auction results and some of the BSP signed books went CHEAP!!
  10. PBBUK

    Responding to a letter in CREEM

  11. PBBUK

    More Notes of a Dirty Old Man The Uncollected Columns - Coming September...

    I wonder how many people in the US order 2 books as the postage is only one extra dollar? Like me ...
  12. PBBUK

    PBA Galleries

    Unfortunately no - I have no idea who attended. But with State tax implications - unless you are a dealer and have an exemption - it is cost effective not to attend (so as not to attract the State tax on the purchase - on top of hammer price and buyer's premium)
  13. PBBUK

    PBA Galleries

    Interestingly, I have been told by a dealer who attended the auction - "Only five people attended the auction in person: three dealers, and two civilians." The joys of the internet ...
  14. PBBUK

    PBA Galleries

    I think the biggest bargains were the books with paintings - they went crazy cheap. Very few items seemed to have spirited bidding - exceeding estimates. I really wanted lot 305 - but I had to pick the one item that doubled the high estimate - and I didn't get it. I picked up three lettered...
  15. PBBUK

    PBA Galleries

    That is some excellent bargain hunting!!! Well done
  16. PBBUK

    PBA Galleries

    It is hard to believe so many have been accumulated by one person. Especially when you multiply all the combined lots out. It is one hell of a collection! And there will have to be some lots unsold.
  17. PBBUK

    Pulp Signed & Numbered Hardback First Edition

    I think you need to post photos for all and list what you have
  18. PBBUK

    Do I keep this Hollywood?

    If you are not happy and it isn't as described - return it. There are plenty of books out there - and a regular signed edition of Hollywood can be picked up for $300 no problems. I just don't understand why people don't desrcibe books correctly - so annoying!!
  19. PBBUK

    Alibris Delivery Delays

    An update on Alibris - it apparently requires dealers to send books to it at - BWW-Alibris 381830003-1 701C Ashland lane FOLCROFT, PA 19032 USA It then some how on sends them to the consumer. I contacted customer service and they basically lied to me (in writing) - telling me the book had...
  20. PBBUK

    Alibris Delivery Delays

    This was the response from customer service - so I guess dealers have to send books to Alibris to on send. It doesn't make sense to me as air mail should not take longer than a week. I just hope the book arrrives and I will never use Alibris again. " ... it was shipped on December 29 via...
  21. PBBUK

    Alibris Delivery Delays

    Has anyone else exprerienced very long delays when buying books through Alibris? I am still waiting on a book ordered last year - and supposedly sent on 29 December. Abe is never a problem and always arrives quickly. I actually ordered 2 books the day after on Abe and they both arrived in...
  22. PBBUK

    Okay, I was remiss!

  23. PBBUK

    $183 for the Days Run Away postcard...

    Be amazed - it wasn't even in fine condition. Be very amazed.
  24. PBBUK

    Kinky Friedman name checks Buk

    I really like Kinky - very entertaining writer and performer. Thanks for the link - hoochmonkey9
  25. PBBUK

    Men's Style Australia - Spring 2010

    Believe me - the magazine provides a new definition for oxymoron!!