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  1. Petey

    Charles Bukowski : " Der etwas andere Andernacher "

    For the german speaking cats here around. Tomorrow the German TV will broadcast a documentary in anniversary of the death of Bukowski for 25 years. The title is Charles Bukowski: "Der etwas andere Andernacher" which means for example Charles Bukowski: "A different guy from Andernach" As soon...
  2. Petey

    Italian Docu from 1981

    Never seen this footage before. It's in italian language but worth a look anyway...
  3. Petey

    Bukowski Bar in Rio

    Jesus, just found this online... Hopefully the plate is just a copy...:wb:
  4. Petey

    “Humanity, ( You never had it ) from the beginning." An evening with Bukowski

    Wow , looking forward to see the whole stuff soon....
  5. Petey

    The mystery of Jane C. Cooney (Baker)

    I did some further research in the net in addional to this threads: - - - -...
  6. Petey

    Bukowski and Mark Twain

    Picked up a short story collection from Mark Twain in my bookstore some days ago and was surprised about the humor but also about the subtle irony,cynicism and bitterness in his words. So I was wondering if Bukowski mentioned Twain in his work and if he liked him?
  7. Petey

    Shock Therapy for Bukowski ?

    I hope this thread was not posted before i just found this: The wild years: In his wildest years he met some famous stars, such as Iggy Pop, U2, Killing Joke, Gang of four, Alice Cooper, the Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Ramones, Alice in Chains and a majority of the Wave-...
  8. Petey

    Does Bukowski mention George Orwell?

    Just read the novel 1984 which was a fantastic, scary and mind-blowing trip. Did Bukowski ever mentioned Orwell and this milestone in literature?
  9. Petey

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    I read the novel from Ken Kesey in the last days and must admit it was one of the best i ever put my hands on - WOW really a big one - i almost cried on the end... I know Buk liked the movie very much but did he ever mentioned that he read the novel or met Ken Kesey?
  10. Petey

    Euro 2008

    Any soccer fans on board ? What is your favorite team ? Germany did a good job in their first match maybe they will make it ...
  11. Petey

    Was Bon Scott (AC/DC) inspired by Charles Bukowski ?

    Well there a two men who influenced my life. Charles Bukowski and the former AC/DC singer Bon Scott. There are a lot of similarities in both characters and both lived their lives in a very excessive way. My question is if Scott was...
  12. Petey

    I'm still here - German Documentary

    Wow found this on youtube today a german docu celebrating Hanks 70th birthday.
  13. Petey

    Pulitzer Prize Nomination in 1966

    I read in an interview from Carl Weissner that Bukowski was nominated for the Pulitzer Price in 1966 for his poetry. Never heard that fact before there is also no mark in the timeline. Any further information ?
  14. Petey

    In how many languages was Bukowski translated ?

    It's a tough question but there a members from all over the world on this forum so we are able to solve this. Well let's start in northern Europe: Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish are for sure i don't know if there is a translation in Icelandic is available. Bukfan? For the part of...
  15. Petey

    Number of booksales from Bukowski

    I know it`s a tough question but does anybody know how many books were sold worldwide ? In the German-speaking part ( including Germany, Austria and Switzerland) he sold estimated 4 - 5 million pieces. I found one example as a proof for this high number in my book shelf - it is the german...
  16. Petey

    Buk in the French TV

    Hank visited on his european trip in 1978 the french literature talk show called "Aprostophe". ( i don`t know exactly if the typing is correct) Has someone a video from this stuff ?