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  1. nado

    The New Censorship Vol. 4. No. 2 (May 1993)

    Here are scans of the other 9 uncollected poems from TNC Vol 4, No 2:
  2. nado

    RIP Johnny Winter
  3. nado

    Another Chicago Magazine #22

    Another Chicago Magazine # 22, 1990 Contains three Bukowski poems - 1) Accepted , 2) Flat Tire and 3) Liszts 1) Accepted is in the database in manuscript form but this version is different in that it has the words "type one word" at the end of line 8 2) Flat Tire is in Last Night of the...
  4. nado

    ArtCrimes Issue #11, April 1991

    goodbye (very different than the poem with the same name in War All the Time)
  5. nado

    Bombay Gin 1990

    I was going through a box of Bukowski books in my office and pulled out my copies of Bombay Gin. In the Summer 1990 issue, there are two short Buk stories - "Dildo Man" and "Sex Sister". I looked them up in the data base here and only found Sex Sister and that was listed as being in Come On...
  6. nado

    John Fante and Boulder

    Nothing new here, just nice to see him getting recognition in the local paper this morning. Also an article from a couple of years ago from local poet and Beat Book Shop owner Tom Peters...
  7. nado

    Poetry only book store!

    I love it! Hopefully Boulder will be able to support it for more than a few months.
  8. nado

    Fun Inscriptions - Art / Alone In a Time of Armies

    Since we have a few Applebaum's, I'll add a couple more. This first new one is from "Art", one of the BSP New Year's Greetings.