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  1. desertlizard

    BIG empty...

    So as most of you know, or many of you for that matter, the lead singer of STP is dead, wasn't that a big shock to me, knowing the way Scott was, i really like the band when i first heard them in the middle 90's didn't hook me up that hard as many other bands did at that time, but hey! they were...
  2. desertlizard

    the last straw

    been looking for this for lets say couple of years, no luck until now [Video link removed - buy it you cheap bastards. -ed]
  3. desertlizard

    Your Desktop

    So i was kinda bored (sorry if it was posted before) but just curious about what you guys got for Wallpaper on your desktops here's mine
  4. desertlizard

    Biographies on the Man

    Hey there guys well, i d like you to recommend me some on the man if you dont mind..i know there are several out there but which ones 'd you guys recommend me? as we all know Accuracy is the key word. oh and probably this kind of topics has been started before..sorry if indeed is the case