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  1. harrystuped

    What Are You Reading?

    gemba walks...I know, it doesn't' sound interesting....
  2. harrystuped

    Happy Birthday Everybody

    1 more year has passed, and I still love to view this forum
  3. harrystuped

    Youtube clip about Facebook.

    I just joined facebook to see who got fat....
  4. harrystuped

    What I'm having for dinner.

  5. harrystuped


    maybe people are not interested in cars cause of the current economic situation, I understand it's hard
  6. harrystuped


    good to know :)
  7. harrystuped


    will you give a job to illegal immigrants?
  8. harrystuped

    Do you think Bukowski hated the Monkees?

    if monkeys have four fingers, he did hate them, if not, ....well i dunno...
  9. harrystuped

    Obama Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

    it's all a conspiracy....
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  11. harrystuped

    suicide wave

    maybe they were just looking for an excuse to just suicide.... there is a point in every job when you feel miserable....
  12. harrystuped

    What are you drinking?

    for me, black label on the rocks please!
  13. harrystuped

    Happy birthday Lolita Ginsoski !

    feliz dia de tu nacimiento (happy birth day) (Y)
  14. harrystuped

    Tattoo Regret - *Not* Bukowski Tattoos

    hahahaha zackattack flawless...
  15. harrystuped

    Cute As Hell (for Gerard's dog)

    I think Gerard's dog can win many of the battles, that corgi is gifted
  16. harrystuped

    ebay bidding

    mieh, I try to only go by the "buy it now" because I so rarely buy stuff from the internet, I still don't trust the web....
  17. harrystuped

    Happy Birthday Everybody

    thank you :) gerard and bukfan and I did had a nice one :D
  18. harrystuped

    Where is Father Luke?

    He'll be back... well I imagine,
  19. harrystuped

    What are you listening to now?

    Bent - Always....
  20. harrystuped

    Congrats to me

  21. harrystuped

    My Man

  22. harrystuped

    Airplane Lands Safely In Hudson River

    kudos for the pilot! that is the only person who deserves the credit...a raise
  23. harrystuped

    "Help - I'm About To Turn 666 !"

    Number6horse why don't you reset your post counter?
  24. harrystuped

    R.I.P. Freddie Hubbard

    darn it! :(
  25. harrystuped

    Seen any good movies lately? - Films you MUST see

    I recently watched "el topo" as well, a good movie way ahead of it's time i think, there is also some books by Jodorowski as well you might like them too