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  1. PBBUK

    Ken Price from Heat Wave

    Latest Christie’s online auction – lot 1 – Los Angelessness by Ken Price from Heat Wave exhibition – estimate USD15k to 25k! Maybe its time to frame those prints from BSP's Heat Wave!
  2. PBBUK

    Post Office First Hard Cover #195 - $799

    Just sold on ebay - I know the spine is faded - but so are probably more than 200 of the 250 copies! That seems super cheap for such an important book and a massive discount to even a year ago. Bargain!
  3. PBBUK

    Alibris Delivery Delays

    Has anyone else exprerienced very long delays when buying books through Alibris? I am still waiting on a book ordered last year - and supposedly sent on 29 December. Abe is never a problem and always arrives quickly. I actually ordered 2 books the day after on Abe and they both arrived in...
  4. PBBUK

    Men's Style Australia - Spring 2010

    Attached is an article on Buk on the last page of the latest Men's Style Australia.
  5. PBBUK

    Beatnest on ebay - BEWARE!!!

    I just had a very unpleasant experience on ebay. There is a seller - Beatnest - who has been selling a lot of high end Bukowski and BSP books. Some rare "Printer" copies and other nice items. I have bought off him previously and been happy. However, I received the "Printer's" copy...
  6. PBBUK

    Buk article in today's Weekend Australian

    This appeared in today's Weekend Australian. A bit strange it didn't mention Buk's more recent works - but who knows how long the editor has been sitting on it. Hope the quality is OK - might be time to upgrade my scanner.
  7. PBBUK

    BSP Bukowski Pin/Button

    I thought BSP only put out one pin/button stating it published Bukowski - featuring a portrait by Crumb. But there is an ebay listing stating there was a set of 6 promo pins...
  8. PBBUK

    BSP Presentation Copy

    My understanding is BSP presentation copies are marked "Presentation Copy" in the colophon page. I have come across an early BSP book that is marked "For Presentation". Has anyone come across this difference before? Thanks
  9. PBBUK

    The Captain prints

    The five prints recently offered on ebay nearly all went for pretty decent money. The person would have almost been better pooling his money together and buying the book containing the prints. Here is a link to one of the prints. Bidding all done...
  10. PBBUK

    BSP hardback later printings

    Does anyone know the print runs of BSP later printings of hardbacks? Also, how often did BSP reprint hardbacks? For instance, Post Office is repprinted in hardback in 23rd printing (blue backcloth) and 26th printing (black backcloth).
  11. PBBUK

    Bargains on ebay!!!!

    I think a***a has secured 2 great bargains in the last week on ebay. A fine copy of It Catches for $562.69. And then today - bargain of the year - a fine copy of Barfly - also signed by Rourke, Dunaway and Schroeder (only 140 made) for $276.69. In my opinion, they are great buys and a...
  12. PBBUK

    Cool ref to Buk in painting

    The biggest portrait prize in Australia is The Archibald. I was at the Art Gallery of New South Wales checking out the finalists today and came across a very cool painting titled - 'self portrait in the bathroom discussing beauty, bukowski and brett whiteley with my ex, now a stripper who...
  13. PBBUK

    Barfly - Paget Press

    Does anyone want to sell the hardcover copies of this book? I am interested in the signed and unsigned versions. PM me if you want to discuss. Thanks
  14. PBBUK

    Steve Carell as Buk

    Why do all the bobbleheads of Buk look like the guy from the Office? They look nothing alike!!!! Sorry - just bothering me...
  15. PBBUK

    Ebay prices - CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's amazing how some people are just happy to rip innocent schmucks off. Check this poor, soft cover of Post Office - 18th printing - for $150...
  16. PBBUK

    Run With The Hunted - Slipcase, signed version

    Hoping someone could shed some light. The Harper Collins version of 226 that came in a slipcase. Was it shinkwrapped? Krumhansl doesn't mention shrinkwrap but it does make sense to protect the book. But ... how would you know it was signed and the number until you opened it? Most...
  17. PBBUK

    Sunlight Here I Am

    Anyone know much about this book?
  18. PBBUK

    Value of rare book in poor condition - Post Office HB

    What's a fair value of a rare book in poor condition? Do you want it in your collection? Knowing you will always want to improve on it. We've all read the story ... it's just whether you want the...
  19. PBBUK

    Loujon Press publications

    Does anyone know of a good website detailing Loujon Press publications? Of course, I know of Buk's 2 books. But I am interested in learning more of the other books produced. Not expecting a description but something similar would be nice. I picked up the DVD...
  20. PBBUK

    Women with best painting

    Now that this auction has finished ... I think this is the best Buk painting I have seen! And to be included in what I consider one of his best books - well, that was a nice buy...
  21. PBBUK

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - City Lights

    It's not that hard to identify a first City Lights edition. White cover with $3 price on back. But every day a supposed colored version '1st' appears on ebay. See below link...
  22. PBBUK

    Recent PBA auction on 15 Jan

    Not a lot of buzz over latest PBA auction. Only 2 Buk books: 1. The Days Run Away - signed first hardcover - 50 of 250 2. Love Is A Dog - wrappers - advance review copy The...
  23. PBBUK

    Firsts Magazine - Collecting Charles Bukowski

    A couple of weeks ago this magazine appeared on ebay - January 1995 edition. Obviously the information will be out of date but I am always interested in reading about collecting Buk - especially this older stuff (and being...
  24. PBBUK

    Biblio discount coupon

    $5 off $50 or more Code - 9BERG Valid until 12/31/2008
  25. PBBUK

    War All The Time - BSP Trade Edition - Mint

    I have just bought a signed copy so I have the hardcover first in mint condition with acetate dust jacket. Pretty hard to come across with very cool spine. US$200. Any interest?