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  1. AspiringBum

    Anti-work: Bukowski & other artists

    When I read Pivano's Charles Bukowski: Laughing With The Gods, I was struck by the similarity between B and the great Von Dutch (Kenneth Howard). VD talked about "the struggle" and how he liked to keep his life to the bare minimum. Bukowski lived in tiny cheap rooms to avoid jobs... In case you...
  2. AspiringBum

    Bukowski in World War 2

    New member here! Bukowski addressed his "indifference" to living or dying in a great book of two Bukowski interviews by Fernanda Pivano (Ital.) called CHARLES BUKOWSKI: LAUGHING WITH THE GODS. And I quote: "Pivano: And why did you want to go to the war? B: Well, I figured it would be...