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  1. bogdan

    Charles Bukowski Uncensored LP

    Here's the Discogs entry for additional info (tracklist and cover pics).
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    Good Documentaries

    Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures
  3. bogdan

    Gypsy Lou Webb pic from 1955

    Here's a great Gypsy Lou pic from 1955 I've found on Fantastic site, worth checking out.
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    Need help remembering a song - help a girl out !

    Or maybe this... [This video is unavailable.]
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    Good Documentaries

    [This video is unavailable.]
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #6

    Life Is Hard [This video is unavailable.]
  7. bogdan

    Bukowskis earliest home recordings? dating?
  8. bogdan

    Bukowski quotes

    "That's your answer to everything: drink." "No, that's my answer to nothing." Hollywood, Chapter 17
  9. bogdan

    Bukowski by Taylor Hackford - documentary download

    here Size: 220Mb Format: .mov file Duration: 46mins 38sec Width: 320 pixels Height: 240 pixels Display aspect ratio: 4:3 Frame rate: 14.985 fps Audio: right output only
  10. bogdan

    Paintings/Drawings that show Bukowski (not BY Bukowski)

    I'm very happy about that watercolour, framed it only a couple of weeks ago and it looks great. Bought it on eBay from an Italian guy; he has another one on sale here.
  11. bogdan

    Paintings/Drawings that show Bukowski (not BY Bukowski)

    Here's a watercolour that I bought earlier this year.