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  1. willrodgers

    Crucifix Autographs

    Just wondering if ALL of the 3100 copies were signed. Found one online at a good price, but it says nothing about being signed. Thanks.
  2. willrodgers

    Bukowski on Bukowski- (Little Lagoon)

    Have seen this listed on various sites, and was hoping someone who owns this would give me a review. Also, what is contained on the cd which is included with the booklet. Thanks.
  3. willrodgers

    TIRED OF New Members Offering EBAY books

    can we please stop allowing new members from posting their eBay auctions here? i say we make them wait ONE YEAR before offering books here. not sure how difficult it is to block these clowns. sorry. have tried to contact these "new members" to no avail. sick of the "free promotion" w no...
  4. willrodgers

    Another Destroyed Abomination on Ebay

    anyone notice this listing for a signed Crucifix? Ebay#180359963237 Wow.... at least he started the bidding at a dollar!:eek:
  5. willrodgers

    Tales Of Ordinary Madness US DVD Release

    Hi All. Haven't seen this mentioned yet. Tales... gets a US Release this Tuesday 4-7-09. You can get it at Amazon for $17.99. Mine has been ordered. Who else is in?
  6. willrodgers

    David Barker's "Charles Bukowski Spit in My Face"

    a newbie here. wondering if anyone on the boards were lucky enough to meet Buk. would love to hear some cool stories from those who had the moxie.
  7. willrodgers

    finally getting around to it

    Hello folks. Been lurking for most of 08, and wanted to introduce myself. yes Will Rodgers is my real name. tried to think of a unique handle, but i'm not that inventive. my Buk collection grows weekly. have been hooked since i saw the Born Into This dvd. Haven't picked up anything really...