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  1. bogdan

    Gypsy Lou Webb pic from 1955

    Here's a great Gypsy Lou pic from 1955 I've found on Fantastic site, worth checking out.
  2. bogdan

    Boxer on the grave

    I just vectorized that boxer on Bukowski's grave. It's not 100% accurate, but pretty close. If anyone is interested in having the vector file you can PM me and I'll send it to you. Hopefully it's not a copyrighted logo or something. Mods, if that's the case, feel free to remove this post anytime.
  3. bogdan

    Bukowski recording from 1962

    In a letter to the Webbs, from 1963, that I just read in "Screams From The Balcony", Bukowski is talking about a home recording he made in 1962 for a radio station. Is this recording available somewhere? Did anyone of you listen to it?
  4. bogdan

    Beauti-ful question

    Just bought the "Beauti-ful" chapbook (Wormwood Review #110-111) and I noticed that it starts with page 41. Anybody knows why?... Could it be because it's #2-3 of vol. 28, so #1 of vol. 28 (#109) would have pages 1 to 40? And anyway, what's the deal with this grouping in volumes, as I noticed...
  5. bogdan

    Book covers

    I'm still working on completing my Bukowski collection and by this I mean buying all the largely available titles. Of course, some of these titles are available in different editions from different publishers, with different covers. I always felt that the cover from the first edition of any book...
  6. bogdan

    Buk poster

    Just bought this poster from eBay and I wonder who the photographer is, as it's not mentioned by the seller. Is it Montfort?
  7. bogdan

    pony up

    Found this hilarious poem in remark. online issue #16: pony up just once I'd like to read a poem written by John Martin. © salvatore 2002
  8. bogdan

    Bukowski painted with wine

    Found on the internet 2 Bukowski portraits painted with wine, that I think are worth a look. The painter's name is Marcelo Daldoce. There's also a small movie on YouTube with the "making of" of one of the portraits - .
  9. bogdan

    "Run With The Hunted" signed - as birthday present

    I was thinking to get myself a beautiful present for my birthday. I'm not a collector, don't have the money for it, but I would really want to own a signed Bukowski item. Just one. And "Run With The Hunted" seems to me a good choice, as it's kind of a "best of". I found this on Abe. What do you...
  10. bogdan

    new blood from eastern europe

    hello, bogdan here, from romania. been lurking around for some time now and decided to register to join CRBSMILE's book club... unfortunately i couldn't PM him, don't know why. any help with this will be appreciated, thanks. discovered buk only 1-2 years ago, read the romanian translations...