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    Bukowski and The Great Depression

    This is where I first found "The Lady In Red" and I thank this site. That propelled an interest into Bukowski's inspiration derived from growing up and coming of age during the Depression. While Steinbeck is the go-to-writer on the subject, I found Bukowski's observations as keen and profound...
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    Weekly Readings At The Frolic Room

    The Frolic Room, the oldest bar in Hollywood now hosts a Bukowski poetry reading each Monday at 5:20 or so, at 6245 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028-5310 (323) 462-5890 Now a certain skeptical bastard with an initialized handle will claim I own a piece of the bar, or stock in...
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    Ciao from Hollywood

    Name is Howie; I'm a journalist and tv producer and hadn't thought much of Bukowski the past two decades, not since college, believing the academics who steered me towards the literary. Then I'm sitting in a cafe in LA and this German cat is writing away and we get to talking and he's...
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    Where Would Bukowski Eat?

    Drunks got to eat but Bukowski's work is slim on restaurant citings. He mentions Norms where "some fag hit on me" and Clifton's Cafeteria, but where else would he take in a meal?
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    US Stamp to Honor Bukowski

    A petition has begun to have the United States Postal Service issue a stamp honoring Bukowski
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    Los Angeles blog

    I'm a writer in Hollywood and have started blogging images of Bukowski's landscape, places he mentions as inspiration. Many locations have been torn down, for example the Bon Air Motel which Bukowski cites as a location for several stories was just gutted last month. Here's a recent...