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    I'm either going blind or Bukowski made up a new word here:
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    On Drinking

    An early review:
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    If you like Ron Koertge...

    Just hot off the press:
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    Charles Bukowski's Posthumous Edits: As the Spirit Wanes, Shit Happens

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    What kind of bastard?

    In the poem "the twins," Bukowski says: Now, is he saying that his father hinted that he [Bukowski] was born out of wedlock or is it just good old name-calling?
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    First job ever

    Was it really at Sears & Roebuck? I was just listening to a tape from the mid-late 1970s where says his first job was at Union Pacific Railway, and that this mother got him the job through a friend. Then he goes on to say his second job was at S&R, making 65 cents an hour --"a good pay in those...
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    New poetry collection: "Storm for the Living and the Dead"

    I'm happy to say that the new Bukowski collection will most probably come out next Fall. It's all unpublished and uncollected poetry --there are 72 previously uncollected poems and 26 unpublished poems, totaling some 300 pages. After editing OW, OC, OL and EB, this was the title I was really...
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    Dating a couple of poems

    I'm trying to date a couple of undated typescript poems that I will probably use in the next Bukowski collection, due late next year. Here's the first one. At first, I thought it was from 1970, especially because of the zeros in "90027", but looking at a few 1972 manuscripts kind of made me...
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    New book of prev unpublished/uncollected poetry in 2017

    I'm putting together a new collection of previously unpublished/uncollected poetry to be published sometime next year --hopefully. I have found some 150 great poems for this collection, but I'm sure I missed a few gems while re-reading everything again. If you have any suggestions, I'd love...
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    I'm thinking of using a self-portrait for Essential B. The one that I found in my files is from The Outsider 4/5, but I recall having seen some other self-portraits from the same period. Perhaps they're in the Unknown Bukowski Pics thread?
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    We live in such a politically correct world...

    Bukowski's "4 cops" caused quite a stir in Barcelona last week:
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    Longest poem ever?

    Perhaps "we ain't got no money, honey, but we got rain"? Or maybe "Rimbaud Be Damned"?
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    Divorce summons

    Guilty of "extreme cruelty" and of inflicting "grievous mental suffering"...
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    Looks like Sounes did not make this one up:
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    Essential Bukowski: Poetry

    Essential Bukowski: Poetry Front cover (not the final version, I think):
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    The Act of Art: Bukowski in Harper's (July 2015)

    It'd be great to know what Bukowski would make of this. As he said over and over and again, he unsuccessfully tried Harper's in the 1940s, when he was a completely unknown writer. Over the years, he also tried The New Yorker, Esquire, The Atlantic Monthly, Poetry and other major periodicals, but...
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    An interview with Gerald Locklin

    This interview took place in the summer of 2011, and it just came out! Locklin says a few nice things about Bukowski throughout the interview.
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    An interview with John Martin

    Although the interview took place in early January 2014, it just came out here: RECEI/70 - 2015/RCEI 70-2015.pdf (pages 171-180). There's some interesting tidbits about Bukowski and editing.
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    On Love

    On Love
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    On being a virgin - 1974 interview

    Sorry about the crappy quality... I thought his first affair was with the infamous 300 pound whore...
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    On Cats

    Out next October, hopefully:
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    Poor Pound - ouch!

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    The history of a tough motherfucker - best ending?

    The first ending is from the WR version -identical to the mss- and the second one is from War All the Time.
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    O thy starry poems

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    Bukowski, Hendrix and Joplin

    Written sometime in 1970: