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    William Burroughs

    If you want, sure. Since when did expressing an opinion constitute shitting on a forum? I give up. Plus your attitude stinks. Hopefully you have a moderator or two who can save you from yourself.
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    William Burroughs

    Burroughs and the rest of the "beats" were full of horse manure, otherwise known as shit. Any questions?
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    A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    I must be too drunk, but I can't figure out how to access your work.
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    Where should I go next?

    Well, it's fun working on one's own finite collection, and the published works are a start (and collecting them all won't cost a king's ransom). After that, one is in the collector's realm, and yes, well, collectors need deep pockets. I like the bendable books because, well, I can bend them.
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    Blowing My Hero PDF?

    Wouldn't scanning this and making it available for free be a copyright violation? Scarlet is indeed a (perhaps surprisingly) good book, well worth purchasing. It makes all of the other "I knew Bukowski" books look amateurish in comparison. If you like Bukowski and haven't read this, buy it now.
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    Where should I go next?

    With Buk's books running $12-$18 a crack, I'd just work on collecting them all. The venture is finite, after all. I notice that you've got only prose on your list. Luck you: the poetry awaits. But The Captain is a personal favorite of mine. I didn't want that one to end.
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    Good places to submit stuff?

    In an age when everyone's eyes are glued to the screen, I'm not sure what the point of paper-based publishing is any more.
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    Just finished this novel for the first time, and I was savoring every page. I think this is Hank's best novel. I'm not sure why I waited so long to read it, but it was a joy, especially after the first couple of chapters (which require a good bit of name remembering). Part of the fun of...
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    the bukowski tapes

    I just ordered these. Some people earlier in the thread are mentioning $15. My copy cost me $40, so be happy with anything less these days.
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    New Ecco paperback covers (July 2014) and new collections (July 2015)

    Good to hear about the new poetry coming out. I was wondering whether the stash was exhausted. I read a late interview (2010) with Carl Weissner the other day in which he suggested that all of Buk's stuff had been published. As to Ecco, I quite like the reprints and new books that this company...
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    Hollywood characters - full list

    I watched Barfly again yesterday but this time the version in which Barbet Schroeder provides commentary, and I found it interesting that Schroeder says it was his idea to introduce the character of Tully into the movie (to provide some tension, I think . I found that interesting on one level...
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    Liza Williams - RIP

    Thank you for posting this.
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    yearbook of the Bukowski-Society 2011/12/13 - OUT NOW!!!

    lol Does selling anything literary keep anyone going these days? If so, I must have missed that lesson.
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    My take is that Bukowski was so appreciative of what Martin did for him that he (Bukowski) allowed Martin quite a bit of latitude in changing the work. Also, I think it's important to understand that Bukowski was first and foremost a working writer who was concerned at least in part with getting...
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    Maine gets it....

    I also go straight for the "B" section. Usually there's something of Bukowski, honestly, except in the redneck stores of the world. And of course mostly there are redneck bookstores in America. Oh, well.
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    Bukowski letters to Douglas Goodwin

    These letters from Bukowsk to Douglas Goodwin are previously unpublished, so far as I know. There's a link back to this forum atop the letter that references Sholom Stodolsky.
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    Superb. I had never seen that before.
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    Sold A Couple of Winos

    I came across A Couple of Winos in my papers, and I'm offering it for sale here.
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    Want to buy starting my collection

    I think you should just buy all the books that are in print. I actually like the Ecco versions of the books. I've repurchased some Black Sparrow versions, and I find them stiffer, not as nice in the hand as the new versions. That's my take.
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    Bukowski poetry collections specifically related to women/sex

    Egads. Comparing and contrasting. Jesus Christ. Bukowski was right: universities suck.