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  1. Erica C.

    Norton Bukowski quote

    The Norton Anthology published a poem (1994) that quoted from "the mockingbird". Does anyone have that poem?
  2. Erica C.

    reviews at time of publication

    I'm really curious what people (mainstream, I guess) thought of CB's work when first published. Does anyone here know of reviews or have personal anecdotes about this?
  3. Erica C.

    Sources for male to male violence in B

    I'm looking for critical (or uncritical) sources on male to male violence in CB's work. Anybody know of anything? So many bar brawls and hostility, someone has to have written about it at some point.
  4. Erica C.

    New Bukowski blog

    I've started a new Bukowski blog. It is sort of my stray, run over white cat that I will care for and nurture as I embark on a Master's MRP focusing on the sexual poetics of Charles Bukowski. I invite you to take a look.