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  1. Dirtydoh

    Black Editions - A Poetry Imprint for 2021

    Hello, The Black Flowers Art and Literary Journal are publishing a range of Black Editions that will be bound in black and printed as a chapbook. They are looking for poetry collections. More details here -
  2. Dirtydoh

    Amazon attempts humour

    I usually do a search once a week for new Bukowski books that may come up on Amazon and then I move onto get the picture. In between the Bukowski books...up pops this...oh ho ho funny fuckers! It also brings up (not pictured) lots of very unsexy self published erotica...
  3. Dirtydoh

    Coffee House Blues: A New Literary Chapbook from Patchouli Press

    I have opened up submissions for a new chapbook to be published this year. Coffee House Blues A literary chapbook featuring poetry, prose and non-fiction. Why Coffee House Blues? Nostalgia inspires the present and the future. Living life on the road, smoking cheap cigarettes, enjoying coffee...
  4. Dirtydoh

    Sunny Side Down: A Charles Bukowski Tribute Chapbook

    A new 40 page chapbook is available via Patchouli Press featuring work from: Alexander Adams Barbara.E.Young Wayne Mason Jamie O'Hara Gwil James Thomas Ingrid Calderon Jared Carnie Joseph Ridgwell Keith Landrum Justin Hyde Leah Mueller Martin Appleby Nancy Brewka-Clark Pete Donohue Rob McCabe...
  5. Dirtydoh

    A Bukowski Zine 2017 there has been a Bukowski zine but I am thinking of a one-off zine with pieces dedicated to the man himself including poetry/essays/fiction/art/photographs etc. I am seeing more and more people get excited for Bukowski so I want to put together a little something. Anyone interested in...
  6. Dirtydoh

    Bukowski Merch

    OK, so I love stuff, I love collecting stuff. Came across this shop selling Bukowski merch and well, I don't like it! It may bring Bukowski some new readers but seeing this, I don't know. Opinions? This is the link -...
  7. Dirtydoh

    On Writing

    So there I was doing my usual trawl of Amazon (along with other online shops) for Bukowski work when I stumbled across this. Anyone know anything about it? It is to be released by Ecco books next year.
  8. Dirtydoh

    The Newbie

    I'm Katie. I'm in my thirties. I currently live in London. I am a journalist but avoid being an asshole. I write other things too. Ham on Rye blew my mind. Hi!