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    Just finished this novel for the first time, and I was savoring every page. I think this is Hank's best novel. I'm not sure why I waited so long to read it, but it was a joy, especially after the first couple of chapters (which require a good bit of name remembering). Part of the fun of...
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    Bukowski letters to Douglas Goodwin

    These letters from Bukowsk to Douglas Goodwin are previously unpublished, so far as I know. There's a link back to this forum atop the letter that references Sholom Stodolsky.
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    Sold A Couple of Winos

    I came across A Couple of Winos in my papers, and I'm offering it for sale here.
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    My unpublished interview with Bukowski

    Finally published... [Dead link. -ed.] Took me long enough. Still have more Buk stuff to work through. It's a slog.
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    Article on Douglas Goodwin

    I just wrote an essay on Douglas Goodwin: As some of you know, Bukowski wrote a foreword for Goodwin's Half Memory of a Distant Life (which I published under the Clock Radio Press moniker in 1987)...
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    Found the letters that Bukowski wrote to me

    I'm cherishing them. I wrote a "poem" based on the words in one of the letters. Here it is: [Brutally redacted by ham-fisted, Nazi moderator who wouldn't know ART if it bit him on the ass. -ed.]
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    Are there any good poets today? If so, please name them.

    Is there anyone worth reading today? If so, who? I'm at a loss.
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    Bukowski's "mine"

    I re-read this poem today. It's in The Days Run Away... I love it. ----------------- mine She lays like a lump I can feel the great empty mountain of her head. But she is alive. She yawns and scratches her nose and pulls up the cover. Soon I will kiss her goodnight and we will sleep. and far...
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    You know what's hard?

    What's hard is opening up materials from the past when you know that their authors are gone. It's emotionally overwhelming, and the emotions and memories make it difficult to open the envelope, turn the page.
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    Douglas Goodwin - Half Memory of a Distant Life - with Bukowski introduction

    Long ago (87) I published a chapbook by Douglas Goodwin, one of the few young writers about whom Bukowski spoke glowingly and with whom Bukowski corresponded (you'll find some of the letters to Goodwin in the various letters collections that are now out). The chapbook was/is called Half Memory...
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    My favorite Buk books of the moment

    I am savoring this one: The captain is out to lunch. I provide the link because I already have a copy and your storming Amazon won't affect me. :wb: I just love reading Buk's "diary" from 1991. It's such a rare treasure, especially knowing that he died just a few years later. I hate the fact...
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    Poems inspired by or that mention Bukowski

    In the equivalent of the modern-day "small press": [Links removed. -ed] Please add your links as well. :)
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    Carl Weissner

    Anyone know where Carl Weissner is, or how I can get in touch with him? I have many hours of taped interviews with him, and I'd like to touch base. Ask him to register at PoetryCircle and contact me through that site if you can. Thanks. Jay Dougherty
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    Bukowski interview

    I've released a previously unpublished interview I did with Bukowski on the topics of letter writing and his relationship with Carl Weissner, his German translator. You can find the interview here:,226.0.html If you're a writer, I encourage you...