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    Bukowski - Festival 2020

    Hey Roni, sorry to hear that! This sucks, it really does. Looking forward to the 2021 festival somewhere in Germany! Keep up the good work. We all appreciate it very much.
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    "I do not need a guitar"
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    I'm either going blind or Bukowski made up a new word here:
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    help with a translation, Bukowski sentence
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    On Drinking How come all these reviewers are so prudish?
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    On Drinking

    Another fan:
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    "The Hog" special edition

    King of the Underground, p. 164.
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    On Drinking

    That NYT review wasn't that bad. The guy even said Bukowski was probably wise. What else can you expect from someone who says that 2019 readers would roll their eyes after reading "Who in the Hell is Tom Jones?" Good thing he didn't review Storm for the Living and the Dead. He would have had a...
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    On Drinking

    New York Times review:
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    On Drinking

    PS, no poem has been sourced from the posthumous collections. I used either the original mss or the mag appearance, never the posthumous version. Although some poems have been collected twice or even three times, I only list the first book appearance.
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    On Drinking

    Short review here:
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    On Drinking

    Yet another review:
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    On Drinking

    Another review:
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    On Drinking

    Another early review:
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    Midwest - No. 7 - 1964

    The magazine version is 66 lines long, 32 lines shorter than the original mss and 35 lines longer than the book version.
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    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    That's right, it doesn't completely match that mss.
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    On Drinking

    Wish I could say it was the alka-seltzers, at least that would have been funny. But no, it was the N word. I unsuccessfully argued that the N word has appeared in previous Bukowski collections. It doesn't matter, apparently. No more N words, I'm told. All right. skiroomalum, pm with your full...
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    That's a typo. My bad! I don't hold anything against farts. See "warm water bubbles" in Storm. Will try to fix this whenever the paperback edition comes out. Thanks for catching this.
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    On Drinking

    I was asked to remove the poem below, "share the pain," from On Drinking. The first person to guess why will get a cool, inscribed galley copy of On Drinking.
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    On Drinking

    Early, discarded cover:
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    On Drinking

    An early review:
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    Nausea - Vol. 3 - No. 1 - 1975: Bow Love Down

    Yes, made by Bukowski himself! The first draft of this poem, first titled "a poem the female liberationists will hardly like at all" and then "dow [not "bow"] love down:" is identical to the Play the Piano version. The magazine version seems to be a second draft where Bukowski tightened things...
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    Posthumous Books

    I can't speak for Bersarin, but I do think that, overall, the uncollected stuff is usually stronger than most unpublished stuff. For The People Look Like Flowers at Last, Martin culled most poems off early little mags. Posthumous doctoring aside, the poems in The People might be stronger because...
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    Grammar in Bukowski books

    Ciao Andrea, I'm pasting here a little something Bukowski wrote about grammar: Here's another excerpt off On Writing: And yet another excerpt off On Writing:
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    Bukowski/Stream of Consciousness

    In the very first draft for this poem, the title was slightly different. It seems to be "kuv stuck mox out," but I'm not really sure.