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  1. stimso

    Review of Contemporary Fiction.

    A few years back Maja asked if anyone had a copy of The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Vol. 5 No. 3 (Fall, 1985). As far as I can tell no one else has mentioned it (I'm probably wrong). I gifted a copy to a pal a few years back and when he moved to Vietnam last year he gave me all his books...
  2. stimso

    Dive Bars you've frequented

    This may have been addressed before, but are any of the dives in the opening sequence of Barfly Still around? Did Bukowski actually drink in any of the bars in the film? Finally, which is why I put this question here: What memorable dive bars have you frequented as a quasi-regular? In...
  3. stimso

    Net worth

    I don't think I've been on these forums for over 6 years. So hello, everyone! So, I've been back on a Buk kick after a while away from his stuff, and was thinking about the times he reacted to people who criticized him for not writing about low-lives and poverty after he'd become relatively...
  4. stimso

    Perhaps it's been done before

    Anybody here consider themselves an alcoholic?
  5. stimso

    Buk discussion at the Guardian

    Interesting discussion going on here:
  6. stimso

    classical music redux

    Back on May 15 I added to a thread where people were recommending their favorite pieces of classical music; I posed the following question but I think it was lost in the shuffle: Has anyone anywhere compiled a list of specific pieces Bukowski mentions in poems, novels and stories? If so...