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  1. Philip Wissbeck

    On Drinking

    Bukowski once said, "What the drunk really needs is a good stiff drink!" In other words what the alcoholic should imbibe is an drink he can really feel through and through for it's pain relief not the drink he gets addicted to. Of course which of us gets the choice! Pain is momentary...
  2. Philip Wissbeck

    The Hunchback of East Hollywood.

    The Hunchback of East Hollywood is significant.
  3. Philip Wissbeck

    Best Buk Bio(s)?

    I feel the Hunchback of East Hollywood is the best of the Bios. I love prose poetry.
  4. Philip Wissbeck

    Marina Louise Bukowski

    I knew Frances from the Venice Poetry Workshop in the seventies. Marina was there. She was about 9 and stayed upstairs in an apartment while we read. Frances was a mother figure to us all and a good poet every so often. Mostly she ran the group with Jack Grapes, others. Exene Cervanka was...