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  1. carlito

    6 new poems: the movement, symphony #3...etc. - Chiron Review (The Kindred Spirit) No. 16, p.10/11 - summer 1988

    So recap of the titles in this issue: the movement, symphony #3, instructions to a malcontent, stand-off, the question most asked is, and all right now.
  2. carlito

    "nowhere within nothing," "cause and effect," and "until the last day or night of your life" - Chiron Review (The Kindred Spirit) #12 - Summer 1987

    First of all, I discovered that Bukowski appeared more than we thought in the Chiron Review. And thanks to the publisher, Michael Hathaway, who kindly scanned the poems, we'll see some new stuff in the next days/weeks. Those 2 poems appeared in Septuagenarian Stew with very light changes.
  3. carlito

    Poem "The Hours" in Wormwood #13, 1964

    I like that period of Bukowski, I'm currently re-reading Screams from the Balcony. Love it.
  4. carlito

    Quits (poem)

    This poem appeared in Wormwood review 92, and is collected in Back to Machinegun Vol 3. I was questioning about who's the writer Buk's talking about in this poem... any idea ?
  5. carlito

    Changes in War All The Time

    I have a Black Sparrow edition (8th) from War all the time, which was reissued in 1996. And I'm looking at the manuscripts in your database to compare with my book. And I'm thinking, is one of you had compared the editions of this same book ? I mean my edition was after Buk's death. It had been...
  6. carlito

    pour me another one

    Hi there, I'm a long time fan from Buk's works, and I'm reading the threads since a bit. I'm thankful to read about the "tragic rape" of his poetry, and like this I could read all the good ones. I'm enjoying his poetry so much that I started to translate some of it (I'm french) for fun...