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  1. Pogue Mahone

    Two Early Original Typescripts (Not Carbons) & Other Signed Items

    One more pausable faux pas: This wasn't supposed to be a dissertation, but if it was, there would have been plenty of footnotes that would reference Abel Debritto's excellent research.
  2. Pogue Mahone

    Two Early Original Typescripts (Not Carbons) & Other Signed Items

    I told the auction house that the hand-written letter was from a decade later when E.V. started up Hearse again -- specifically because he found "The Horses" in a file cabinet and it reinvigorated him. I wasn't trying to be shady. I got that letter on a PBA auction when people were going way...
  3. Pogue Mahone

    Two Early Original Typescripts (Not Carbons) & Other Signed Items

    I wrote it. Maybe I should have had a peer review here prior to sharing, but I wrote it very much in good faith. I can't do changes to the auction, but I if anyone has corrections, please note them.
  4. Pogue Mahone

    The Bukowski forum is closing

    Does this include the database? I could possibly come up with the finances and go through the infrastructure transition. But there is NO WAY I could do what Hanna and the rest of the moderators do. I have a kid, a full-time job, and a respectful drinking problem. If the database goes silent...
  5. Pogue Mahone

    Two Early Original Typescripts (Not Carbons) & Other Signed Items

    I don’t post/pimp my stuff on the forum very frequently, but there’s an auction coming up that may interested some members. The auction features two original typescripts that Bukowski wrote at his Mariposa address, at a time when he didn’t create carbons (meaning, these are the only typewritten...
  6. Pogue Mahone

    Bukowski film: "The Killers"?

    I recently came upon these. The seller said they were press photos.
  7. Pogue Mahone

    Amazon attempts humour

    If I had Bezos' email, I would write him about how horrible his book search is. I mean, that's how he got started and it has become the last thing he probably cares about.
  8. Pogue Mahone

    Bukowski Merchandise
  9. Pogue Mahone

    Barfly Set Photographer

    Thanks buddy.
  10. Pogue Mahone

    Opinions on whether this looks real?

    More to come, but this will be on auction soon. Not via PBA....
  11. Pogue Mahone

    Bukowski 100 (editions)

    I recognized it on Day 1.
  12. Pogue Mahone

    1969? I don't think so

    He may have been feeling nostalgic, but this is definitely a poem about Sheri Martinelli, so I wonder if it's older than 1970. Then again, what a great poem (even in 1970) to write to get into the pompous Evergreen Review. Then again, it could very well be from 1970. For some reason, Buk...
  13. Pogue Mahone

    Bukowski culinary tastes

  14. Pogue Mahone

    Bukowski, directed by James Franco

    I picked up what is described as a FLAT trailer of the film. I got rid of my 35mm Projector around the same time as my Betamax, VHS, and Laserdisc player, but if a long-time member has a way to get this transferred to digital, I'll trust that it to be well taken care of and returned promptly.
  15. Pogue Mahone

    Centenarian Stew: A Celebration of Charles Bukowski's 100th

    Thanks for the amazing footage Roni. Especially liked the Marina piece. Is there a full version? Having said that, you're still a fucking Niallist .... Love you man!
  16. Pogue Mahone

    Run With the Hunted Reader (1993)

    So, I picked this up because it was a File copy, it was inexpensive, and although it was purchased sight-unseen, I never had a File copy before, so I bought it. This signature is so 1968 -1971, that I was blown away and confused. If you do an image search, all the Harper Collins sigs are period...
  17. Pogue Mahone

    The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press

    After Bukowski died, these posthumous books were something we all could look forward to at the time. It sounded like a great promise. And as they came out, one after another, the overwhelming response was that Bukowski's writing had declined in his later years. But the truth is, most of these...
  18. Pogue Mahone


    Something's happening here, and you don't know what it is...
  19. Pogue Mahone

    "...this is probably historically the first country song inspired by a Charles Bukowski thought that has gotten to No. 1..."

    Why does every dipshit entertainer identify with this poem? Maybe in Nashville they do a search for the Bluebird Cafe and this comes up and they have some kind of devine revelation. But there is no shortage of Hollywood folks who discovetr this poem and think they are suddenly all-the-more wise...
  20. Pogue Mahone

    Barfly Set Photographer

    I know Montfort and some other quite famous photographers hung out when Barfly was being shot. But does anyone know who was the "official" set photographer who's shots were in the PR package from CANNON?
  21. Pogue Mahone

    Signing of It Catches My Heart In It's Hand

    It just appears that LouJon sent entire books to him to sign. Really a weird, inefficient way to do it. Maybe they learned their lesson and changed it up with Crucifix.
  22. Pogue Mahone

    Height of literary success

    When he was sick in the late 80s, his writing was failing as bad as his health. "The Last Night of the Earth Poems" was published a few years later and was one of his best. The caveat being, some of those poems were written much earlier.
  23. Pogue Mahone

    How do you follow Bukowski

    If you're going to suck seed, you need to be prepared to be embarrassed. Buk would mail drunken letters in the middle of the night, just to make sure he didn't have second thoughts. And, the next day he'd send a follow up (not necessarily remembering everything he wrote) just because he felt...
  24. Pogue Mahone

    Signing of It Catches My Heart In It's Hand

    Does anyone have some background on the process of Bukowski signing "It Catches My Heart In Its Hands?" There are some signatures before Buk first sees the book on Nov. 23 1963. And then, as time goes by, there are so many one-off dates. Why didn't LouJon have him do a bunch of signatures all...