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    Can you help fill some holes in the database?

    Blue Window, vol. 1, no. 2, Spring/Summer 1987: I am giving away the prize Long Shot, vol. 9, 1990 a poem for the dmw flying through space the last person The Periodical of Art in Nebraska, Summer 1977 I need and I demand Last one is already in the database as P-A-N.

    Death Comes Too Slowly... - Canto Vol. 1 No. 3, 1961

    is this really a complete poem? the same magazine also includes 'the night I nodded to George Raft in Vegas', which was collected in What Matters Most, but in that book 'Death Comes...' is the last part of 'the night I nodded...'. also George Raft is mentioned in both, of course. anyone have...

    Second Coming, Vol. 5, No. 1

    Yes, please!

    JEOPARDY, Vol. 6, March 1970

    'seven', 'nine' and 'sixteen' were collected in Mockingbird with different titles. I believe I have also seen 'eighteen' before, but maybe I'm just thinking of a similar story from Notes... don't remember 'fourteen'. what's the unreadable word supposed to be? a crazy guess would have to be...

    Database updated

    Are the 18 new manuscripts 'only' added to the database or have they been uploaded to the manuscripts page too?

    Can you help fill some holes in the database?

    Scree, no. 19-20-21, 1981 on photographs Second coming, vol. 4, no. 1/2, 1976 if we take— Second coming, vol. 7, no. 1, 1979 crisscross under sideways the Indian Seven Stars, no. 22, 1976 Classical crabs [Factotum excerpt] No smoking [Factotum excerpt] Slipstream, vol. 6, 1986 hot night oh...

    Can you help fill some holes in the database?

    I'm afraid it's the latter.

    Can you help fill some holes in the database?

    Little Word Machine, no. 8/9, 1978 tough company Lullabye Jesus, Fall 1992 macho time more than ow Magazine, no. 5, 1972 heat Marilyn, vol. 1, Autumn 1975 will the real thing please stand up and wave a wooden arm? Mediterranean Review, vol. 1, no. 3, Spring 1971 the wine and the cantos poem...

    Can you help fill some holes in the database?

    Death Was Our Escort, 1974 there is something very ugly about circuses and picnics too -- Deviation, no. 6, 1987 The Summer Pool Will Be Here Upon Our Location Dirty Bum: a Magazine, no. 2, Winter 1987-1988 have a nice day a suborder of hydroid polyps with naked buds— a strange day Ear in a...

    Can you help fill some holes in the database?

    Arete, vol. 2, no. 1, July/August 1989 promenade I am visited by an editor and a poet the night they took Whitey hell hath no fury... the history of a tough motherfucker Love for $17.50 Factotum [excerpt] Arete, vol. 2, no. 3, November/December 1989 ruin Arete, vol. 2, no. 5, March/April 1990...

    Invisible City - No.2 - June, 1971 5 Bukowski Poems, 3 uncollected

    'The American Flag Shirts' and 'A Most Dark Night In April' have been collected. who corrected the mistake(?) in 'Drinking'?

    Hot Water Music - magazine column sources

    Long Distance Drunk L.A. Free Press, May 31, 1974

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - magazine column sources

    just realized that we never found out where the story on p. 241 came from. the one beginning with "I have often let shackjobs and whores slash my face..." anyone know? also, were there really three stories in the August 16-22, 1968 edition?!

    Hot Water Music - magazine column sources

    Some Hangover L.A. Free Press, November 29, 1974

    Betting on the Muse - magazine column sources

    seems that I forgot about this one when the lists for the others were created. or maybe just ignored it since I didn't have too much information. hopefully someone else does... Confessions of a Coward ? A Nickel ? The Unaccommodating Universe Oui, May 1985 Ransom L.A. Free Press, September...

    "Bunny I love you"

    not sure this is what you're looking for, since there is no mention of 'Bunny' but the first thing that came to mind was: he was on the hall telephone saying, "darling, if you don't come back to me, I'm going to kill myself! I swear it!" 'New York, New York' from Slouching Toward Nirvana.

    Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions... - magazine column sources

    Beer and Poets and Talk Open City #14, August 4-11, 1967 I Shot a Man in Reno Open City #72, October 4-10, 1968 A Rain of Women Open City #79, November 22-28, 1968 Night Streets of Madness Open City #89, January 31-February 6, 1969 Eyes Like the Sky Open City #6, June 9-16, 1967 One for...

    Aileron Vol. V, No. 2 and Vol. VI, No. 1

    'a disgust' was collected as 'then I know why' and 'the swarm' as 'one learns', both in The Night Torn Mad. and both edited of course, but perhaps even more than usual. especially 'a disgust' is heavily edited. great to see the orginals, so thanks.

    Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions... - magazine column sources

    My Big-Assed Mother Open City #91, February 15-22, 1969 A White Pussy Open City #50, April 12-18, 1968 A .45 to Pay the Rent Open City #90, February 7-14, 1969 Doing Time With Public Enemy No. 1 Open City #38, January 19-25, 1968 Cunt and Kant and a Happy Home Open City #82, December 13-19...

    Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions... - magazine column sources

    The Gut-Wringing Machine Open City #87, January 17-23, 1969 3 Women New York Review of Sex and Politics, vol. 1, no. 13, September 15, 1969 3 Chickens Open City #36, January 5-11, 1968 Ten Jack-Offs Open City #54, May 31-June 6, 1968 Twelve Flying Monkeys Knight, vol. 8, no. 11, May 1971 25...

    I take much pleasure in being alone ...

    and the original version is 'yes' from Dangling in the Tournefortia. "there is much good in being alone but there is a strange warmth in not being alone." probably not martinized...

    Need to find ASAP!!

    'the snails' from Betting on the Muse.

    Hot Water Music - magazine column sources

    Less Delicate than the Locust ? Scream when you burn NOLA #91, October 7-20, 1971 A couple of gigolos ? The great poet ? You Kissed Lilly High Times, September 1984 Hot lady ? It’s a dirty world Open city no. 52 May 1-14, 1968 900 pounds L.A. Free Press, v. 10, no. 46 (issue 487) November...

    New footage?

    'the worst and the best' from Love Is a Dog From Hell. it's not really written as a response though, just inspired by it.

    Septuagenarian Stew - magazine column sources

    Septuagenarian Stew only the short stories for now. based on Digney's list with some additions. Son of Satan Oui, vol. 14, no. 11, November 1984 The Life of a Bum ? A Day ? Vengeance of the Damned ? Action Oui, vol. 14 no. 8, August 1985 The Jockey High Times, July 1983 Camus High Times...