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  1. james

    20 Tanks (Portfolio III), and more rarities...

    hello all! a few things up for grabs... first and foremost is the complete Portfolio III featuring 20 Tanks From Kasseldown (great condition considering age. the broadside itself is in excellent, near mint cond.)...there are 4 available on ABE, from $750 to $900. i'm asking $
  2. james

    Sold cruelty of loveless love--$500

    hello all! haven't been around here in a while, and for that I apologize...just kinda dropped out of the internet for the past year, and once you get used to not using it, well.... anyway, i'm looking to get rid of my copy of The Cruelty of Loveless Love, and was hoping someone here would want...
  3. james

    gypsy is new addition to quarter art group

    just picked up this little pamphlet on ebay. not sure of the year, but it came with some other new orleans memorabilia dated 1955... what year did they move to the quarter?
  4. james

    Further Musings from Half-Truth, 1993

    i was doing some cross-referencing earlier and found what may be an uncollected little buk piece. it didn't turn up in any of the searches anyway. it's from a zine called Half-Truth, the November-December 1993 issue.
  5. james

    Laugh Literary And Man The Humping Guns

    i just picked up Laugh Literary #2 and since there are some great buk drawings inside, i thought i'd scan and share. here ya go...
  6. james

    Playing It Out

    what's goin' on here? the starting price is higher than what you can get it for on ABE. and now the price is nearly double! ABE...
  7. james

    Bukowski's funeral

  8. james

    Harold Norse RIP i read his book Memoirs of a Bastard Angel. good stuff...
  9. james

    Book Inscriptions Project

    i thought i'd pass along a cool site since we have alot of book owners/collectors around here...
  10. james

    Heat Wave

    hello all, what we have here is Bukowski's one and only Heat Wave by Black Sparrow Graphic Arts. if you're looking at this, i'm assuming you know about it so i won't go into book details, except to note that it's a big, oversized extravagant production. condition: well, it looks pretty damn...
  11. james

    ebay bidding

    i have a question for all you ebayers out there. for the second time in a month, i've been outbid on an item, but the winning bid comes in AFTER the auction ends. and, i'm using the ebay countdown application, so it's in real time and all that. i know of the usual strategies of bidding with...
  12. james

    john thomas

    i found an interesting article on big john thomas. as we all know, he was one of the few poets that buk could stand, and even liked... so, big john was into giving fellatio???
  13. james

    ebay find of the week #2

    here's an interesting carl weissner letter. i didn't mean to purchase it. i only placed a bid to mark the auction. mr. roberts, if you woulda bid like 50 cents more you woulda took it...
  14. james

    ebay find of the week

    the one and only gypsy lou, hocking her wares on rue royale...
  15. james

    "near death" by allan weisbecker

    i subscribed to this guy's blog a few months ago after reading about him on another website. he seems to be an interesting guy and a good writer although i've yet to read any of his books. anyway, he almost died recently and has posted a great story of the whole ordeal that i really enjoyed...
  16. james

    Re-reading Hollywood

    i've always wondered who buk was talking about in hollywood. all i know for sure is: jon pinchot=barbet schroeder. anyone know who the rest of the cast of characters are? oh, and sarah=linda lee, i know that one. also: wenner zergog=werner herzog
  17. james

    going to san francisco

    hello all. my girlfriend and i are going to sf on august 12 and was wondering if anyone has any first-hand recommendations for food, drink, cheap things to do, etc....i've been there several times and know of the usual attractions, but i guess i wanna know what ideas you guys have to offer...
  18. james

    any hunter thompson/tom benton collectors out there?

    i just picked this up on ebay for 30 bucks. it's one of the aspen wallposters that thomas w benton and hst collaborated on in the late 60's and early 70's. i think they did a total of 5 posters, with one side by thompson and the other by benton. since i can't find any for sale anywhere on the...
  19. james

    Link - 100 'facts' about Bukowski

    i found this buk link while looking up jayne mansfield of all things. there's no real new info there(well, maybe a few things), but an interesting read none the less...
  20. james

    Bukowski/Richmond poetry lp

    hey guys. i was going through my vinyl and rediscovered a record i bought on ebay years ago. anyone have any info on it other than what fogel says(which is all i know about it): "Poetry-charles bukowski"1968 produced by steve richmond; buk reads 5 poems; never distributed commercially $750...
  21. james

    ya whol, mine herring

    alright, i've kinda been around here a while, going back to the days, but i just now got into this whole forum thing. so here goes.... been reading buk for about 14 years, collecting about 7. moved back to my hometown of nashville after katrina kicked me out of nola. like to booze...
  22. james

    trouble searching ebay

    anyone else having trouble searching buk on ebay? it seems they have changed some things, and i can't seem to get it off of sorting with "best match" coming up first. and it's showing 666 results for bukowski, when it's usually only around 250. it's been going on for several days now...