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  1. Jason

    Two Early Original Typescripts (Not Carbons) & Other Signed Items

    Did these manuscripts sell? I couldn't find auction results on the site...
  2. Jason

    Two Early Original Typescripts (Not Carbons) & Other Signed Items

    What's the "Finding Charles Bukowski's Lost Horses"? I wasn't able to find it. Never mind, it was in the second attachment, wasn't it? Have we seen that one-page note to E.V. before? It looks familiar.
  3. Jason

    Can you help fill some holes in the database?

    LITERARY TIMES, Vol. 4, No. 2, edited by Jay Robert Nash Chicago: Literary Times, December 1964 “Here’s What I Say” [interview] (Dorbin D25) Doesn't look like you received a response on this one yet...
  4. Jason

    Sold little magazines with Bukowski contributions

    I've listed several little magazines on eBay with Bukowski contributions; here's a sampling of the most recent: THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 4, No. 4, Issue 16, ed. by Marvin Malone THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 4, No. 3, Issue 11, ed. by Marvin Malone...
  5. Jason

    OUTCAST, No. 1 -- Bukowksi contribution?

    Does anybody here have a copy? The copy I have does not have a Bukowski contribution, even though he's listed as a contributor... OUTCAST, No. 1, edited by Jean & Veryl Rosenbaum Santa Fe: Outcast, Spring 1966 “And Now I Sit In A Small Paper Place” (Dorbin C308)
  6. Jason

    Black Cat Review # 2 (1963)

    Does anybody have a copy of Black Cat Review #3 (June 1965)?
  7. Jason

    Sold more Bukowski periodicals

    Mostly, I'm trying to make some room in limited space for other stuff, plus some of these are duplicates...
  8. Jason

    Sold more Bukowski periodicals

    Have another batch of periodicals with Bukowski appearances, plus a copy of the A BUKOWSKI SAMPLER. These will go up on eBay in a day or so, but thought to list them here first. As always, shipping will be at cost based on your location and prices are relatively flexible. I can post photos, if...
  9. Jason

    Sold Bukowski periodicals

    The issue of Quixote is still available, in case anybody felt like they missed out...
  10. Jason

    Sold Bukowski periodicals

    Sent you a DM.
  11. Jason

    Sold Bukowski periodicals

    These are up on eBay now...
  12. Jason

    Sold Bukowski periodicals

    I have several periodicals with Bukowski appearances (plus a copy of the FBI file) that I'm going to list on eBay, but thought I'd try here first. Prices do not include shipping (will be at cost based on your location) and prices are relatively flexible. I can post photos, if folks are...
  13. Jason

    Images in posts

    There was a post around here somewhere at some point, that I can't locate... it was about the correct formatting for photos. The attached scan, for instance is 821 x 1164 px and the file size is 104.3KB. Are those the correct attributes for posting images online? I know MJP posted someting at...
  14. Jason

    Quick Tally

    I recently found a copy of NEXUS, Vol. 3, No. 2, Issue 15, edited by Jerome Kulek [San Francisco, March-April 1967]. The database and Dorbin show that it contains a poem titled “Tough Luck” (Dorbin C374), but this issue has no Bukowski contribution. Dorbin doesn't cite any page number, so...
  15. Jason

    1970 - Runcible Spoon - the shit shits

    Any word on the biblio?
  16. Jason

    FLORIDA EDUCATION, Vol. 42, No. 4, December 1964

    Here are scans of the first appearance of “Startled Into Steam Of Life Like Fire”, which appears to have been collected with the alternate title "Startled Into Life Like Fire" in Crucifix in a Deathhand. FLORIDA EDUCATION, Vol. 42, No. 4, edited by Ed Henderson Jacksonville: Florida Education...
  17. Jason

    Offprints/Detachable Booklets

    more thoughts on bibliographic details that I couldn't find an existing thread on... Some of the periodical offprints/detachable booklets are considered books within the database: A Signature of Charles Bukowski - 1960 Signature 2 - 1961 While some others are excluded: A Charles Bukowski...
  18. Jason

    Charles Bukowski Broadsides

    I have the prospectus for the Dorbin bibliography around here somewhere. My recollection is that it's formatted similarly to the AT TERROR STREET... one. Was there a non-Bukowski BSP book that proceeded MOCKINGBIRD... that could have a broadside/promotional flyer that was issued?
  19. Jason

    Charles Bukowski Broadsides

    I did see the list of all broadsides, I guess I should have been more explicit about what I was looking for, which PS went into more detail on above. If Mockingbird is #2, then is #1 one of the prospectuses for the previous BSP books? At Terror Street and Agony Way The Days Run Away Like Wild...
  20. Jason

    Charles Bukowski Broadsides

    This looks like the main 'broadsides' thread, so thought I'd post my question here... The promotional flyer for Mocking Bird Wish Me Luck (Krumhansl 41) was issued as "BROADSIDE / FLYER NO. 2". What was No. 1? Has anybody gone through the trouble of compiling the list of broadside/fliers?
  21. Jason

    QUICKSILVER, Vol. 13, No. 3, Autumn 1960

    Here are scans of the first appearance of “Prayer For Broken-Handed Lovers”, collected a year later in Longshot Pomes for Broke Players... QUICKSILVER, Vol. 13, No. 3, edited by Grace Ross and Mabel M. Kuykendall Fort Worth, Autumn 1960 “Prayer For Broken-Handed Lovers” (Dorbin C64)
  22. Jason

    KAURI, No. 17, November-December 1966

    Here's a scan of the first appearance of “Moyamensing Prison:”, later collected in Mockingbird Wish Me Luck... KAURI, No. 17, edited by Will Inman New York: Kauri, November-December 1966 “Moyamensing Prison:” (Dorbin C342)
  23. Jason

    JEOPARDY, Vol. 6, March 1970

    This mag doesn't seem to have been logged in the database. Two of the poems were collected in Mockingbird Wish Me Luck. The last grouping of 5 short poems noted as an "exceprt" aren't familiar to me. Does anyone know what might have happened to "Short Non-Moon Shots to Nowhere”? JEOPARDY, Vol...
  24. Jason

    STOOGE, No. 3, (1969)

    Here are scans of two uncollected poems and three that, according to the database, were collected under different titles. I don't have the books that these poems were collected in so can't cross reference and confirm; hopefully someone here does that would be willing to check... STOOGE, No. 3...
  25. Jason

    CALIFORNIA LIBRARIAN, Vol. 31, No. 4, October 1970

    Here's a scan of the first appearance of "The Poetry Reading", which was collected a couple years later in Mockingbird Wish Me Luck. CALIFORNIA LIBRARIAN, Vol. 31, No. 4, edited by Don Kunitz Sacramento: California Librarian, October 1970 “The Poetry Reading”