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    Bukowski favorite cities

    Of course it was always LA. What others did he favor? I can think of a ton he went to and disliked and others he was probably neutral on. Were there any others he was especially fond of?
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    Bukowski culinary tastes

    Another inane fun question. What kind of food did Bukowski like? I know he liked a good hearty steak, but what else? What did he really like to chow down on? Beer is not a adequate answer.
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    How did Bukowski feel about sports?

    Anyone know? Aside from the obvious, (playing the horses) what others did he like? I think he liked or admired boxing, but what else. Did he ever profess an affinity for any of the LA teams? I've heard it said alot of writers enjoy baseball. Surely he had a few hero's of the game in his...