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    What gregormilligan is having for dinner

    Beats me what those Scottish people eat, Shepherds Pie maybe?
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    What Do You Wish For The New Year?

    This is a thread to put your wishes and dreams for the New Year. These are some of mine. I wish that all people of all races, creeds and religious beliefs will live in harmony across the world. I wish that everyone can find there true way in a better America and have a proud belief in who...
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    Happy Birthday Ruby, I mean Justine

    Yes, it's true are very own favorite New Zealand Californian is 47 years old today! Best wishes and many more to come!
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    New Buknet Band Forming!

    I am pleased as punch to inform eveyone that a new band has been formed on Buknet! It now consists of MJP, number6horse and jordan on guitars and myself and purple stickpin on rythm and lead bass respectfully. We are seeking new recruits and have already secured a recording contract and world...
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    The Fall (season)

    It's my favorite season, I love the temperant tempertures and the tantalizing scent of leaves burning in the air. What is your favorite thing about the Fall.
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    The Fall (UK Band)

    Totally wired is their best song.
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    Pulp Fiction is Punk

    I'm thinking the genre of pulp fiction is similar to punk in music as it is not deemed very good because of it's lack of "artistic finesse" but is just as valid. Personally, I prefer my orange juice with pulp but feel free to disagree.
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    This is a Poll-Who would you rather see?

    A) Van Morrison B) Iron Maiden c) A puppet show featuring slimedog dressed as Gary Glitter, MJP dressed as Michael Jackson and both having simulated sex with Asian marionettes.
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    What are you drinking?

    This is a thread to tell what you had to imbibe. And though non-alcoholic drinks are not banned we mostly encourage alcoholic drinks. Especially if you have to drive. Last night I had my favorite-Black Russian with a beer.
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    Slime Fest, Sept 14th

    I'm aware that most of you are from all the far reaches of the earth but if anyone is near the Boston area I just wanted to let you know that a going away party for myself and Mrs. Slimedog is taking place this Friday and you're certainly welcomed. I write for a local music magazine and the...
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    What I'm having for dinner.

    I think I'm making spaghetti.