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  1. james

    Noel Rockmore, Bukowski, Gypsy Lou Webb

    sad news...according to the Noel Rockmore Community on FB, Gypsy Lou has passed.
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    Bukowski bookshelf
  3. james

    they, all of them, know

    ha, me either!!
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    For sale Collection for sale

    yes, pictures please...i might be interested in a few of those titles.
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    The infamous Supervan is currently on Amazon Prime for free...i tried to watch it....well, it's as bad as people say. Bukowski makes his cameo somewhere in the middle.
  6. james

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    Yep, pages by Gerard Malanga.
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    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    ...and there's always Esotouric ???
  8. james

    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    Well I'm assuming this person has never been to LA...Being from another part of the country, or world, sometimes it's interesting to just soak in the atmosphere of a place... being born and raised in the south, I always enjoyed the different feel and sounds and smells of places like LA. Just...
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    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    Yea, like Purple Stickpin said, Musso and Frank's would be a good stop...and isn't the main branch of the LA post office still there? And his final resting place isn't far from LA.
  10. james

    Bukowski Drawing

    Holy moly!!!!!! DiB that link is something else ????????
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    Opinions on this signature. and contrast...not the same pen, but looks done in the same decade.
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    Who the fuck is CHUCK?!???
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    Just curious as to why you call bukowski CHUCK...I've never understood that...
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    Just stopping by

    I second that ✋
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    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - Open City

    Thanks for sharing...very cool indeed
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    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    Very cool...yea, I know of him at the college....he's in the English Dept...I think.i tried to read his book on Bukowski, but just couldn't get into it...anyone else read his book?
  18. james

    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    Really? was the guy from Middle Tennessee State University? One of the main reasons I picked up a couple of Poems and Plays (featuring buk) was because MTSU published it, and is my Alma mater...and I still live down the road from the college...
  19. james

    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    Also thoroughly worked over/Martinized is the poem "the 12 hour night"....
  20. james

    "loss," "12 hour night," "toenails," "the shifting" from Sisyphus Leaves 1992

    So I was looking through a poetry mag called Poems and Plays from 1997 to compare some buk poems, and it looks like "the 12 hour night" has been Martinized.....
  21. james

    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    I have Poems and Plays #4 from spring/summer 1997, featuring Roll the Dice, and it matches the Martinized version MJP posted earlier...
  22. james

    Robby Muller last call....

    Yes, thanks skiroom and zobraks! Will have to reread that section...
  23. james

    Robby Muller last call....

    Do you know what his alias was in Hollywood?
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    And a love note from your friend: Wow...WOW. WHAT THE FUCK. (In response to the martinizing)
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    Carpool Karaoke: Paul Mccartney

    My mom made me watch it...much better than I expected! Especially the live show he gave the folks in the pub...