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  1. Pogue Mahone

    Two Early Original Typescripts (Not Carbons) & Other Signed Items

    I don’t post/pimp my stuff on the forum very frequently, but there’s an auction coming up that may interested some members. The auction features two original typescripts that Bukowski wrote at his Mariposa address, at a time when he didn’t create carbons (meaning, these are the only typewritten...
  2. Pogue Mahone

    Run With the Hunted Reader (1993)

    So, I picked this up because it was a File copy, it was inexpensive, and although it was purchased sight-unseen, I never had a File copy before, so I bought it. This signature is so 1968 -1971, that I was blown away and confused. If you do an image search, all the Harper Collins sigs are period...
  3. Pogue Mahone

    Barfly Set Photographer

    I know Montfort and some other quite famous photographers hung out when Barfly was being shot. But does anyone know who was the "official" set photographer who's shots were in the PR package from CANNON?
  4. Pogue Mahone

    Signing of It Catches My Heart In It's Hand

    Does anyone have some background on the process of Bukowski signing "It Catches My Heart In Its Hands?" There are some signatures before Buk first sees the book on Nov. 23 1963. And then, as time goes by, there are so many one-off dates. Why didn't LouJon have him do a bunch of signatures all...
  5. Pogue Mahone

    Henry Bukowski

    Does anyone know the earliest Bukowski signature that's been documented to date?
  6. Pogue Mahone

    The Periodical of Art in Nebraska (PAN) Summer 1977: I need and I demand

    I'm fairly sure this was never collected. It's less like a poem and more like a collect call to Linda King at 2 a.m. But perhaps the good folk from Nebraska found it enlightening in some meaningful way... This copy is about to turn into dust, time to put it away.
  7. Pogue Mahone

    Bukowski Handwriting Sample

    I couldn't find a thread on Bukowski's handwriting, so posting this note here. I bought some things from Seamus Cooney a long while back and he threw this in the box. It looks like Cooney was visiting and Bukowski posted the note on his front door for him. I thought this may help with...
  8. Pogue Mahone

    PBA Auction June 27: Author's copy of Cold Dogs in the Courtyard

    I'm selling some items at the upcoming PBA auction on June 27, including my author's copy of Cold Dogs in the Courtyard.
  9. Pogue Mahone

    A couple of awesome pieces

    A couple of awesome pieces from Mr. Ahab. Someone already got the review copy.
  10. Pogue Mahone


    Looking at Dorbin tonight, he had a section simply titled "Commentary." It just lists publications where he didn't necessarily have contributions in the publication, but rather reviews and other... commentary. I sometimes have trouble deciding where to post these types of things. Perhaps we...
  11. Pogue Mahone

    Complete run of Hearse magazine

    I hope someone in the forum got this today. I really coveted it, but I need to sell right now instead of buying myself further into uncharted territory. Perhaps our Verdant Press affiliate got it. I think the price was actually very good. I kind of regret not bidding, but I'm sure it would have...
  12. Pogue Mahone

    pLopLop Editor Exhibits Automatic Drawings

    I think this is a pretty cool piece, but I'm sure someone will find a way to piss on it.
  13. Pogue Mahone

    How did Bukowski work? REVISITED [Dear Mr. Bukowski]

    Maybe it was an attempt to learn how to be a successful drunk, or maybe something even less ambitious, but let's let the poet speak for himself...
  14. Pogue Mahone

    Vagabond - No. 7 - 1969: And All The Snow Melted

    I guess the editing job could have been worse. Just totally unnecessary changes... as usual.
  15. Pogue Mahone

    THE COLDSPRING JOURNAL No. 10, April 1976

    The database has a mix of these poems from various sources, but only one from this journal. Included here is one extra poem not in the database, plus some horrible reproductions of Brad Darby photos. (P.S. That's Skiroom's uncle Joe on the title page asking, "What The FUCK?" The guy in the van...
  16. Pogue Mahone

    If We Take

    Does anyone in the forum have one of the signed, limitation copies? I ask because I've never seen one for sale (but I'm as blind as a Buffalo, so.. ).
  17. Pogue Mahone

    Ole 4: O, We Are The Outcasts, O We Burn In Wondrous Flame!

    This particular issue is a Treasure Trove for Bukowski nerds. In addition to the poem, there are important references to the Bukowski/small press ambitions of the time. Enjoy nerds...
  18. Pogue Mahone

    Midwest - No. 7 - 1964

    "Through The Streets Of Anywhere" should be clean, because it first appeared in Fire Station. "Bayonets In Candlelight" remained uncollected until The Continual Condition. Hopefully the Great Editor wasn't too high on himself.
  19. Pogue Mahone

    Marilyn: Vol. 1, Autumn, 1975: Will The Real Thing Please Stand Up And Wave A Wooden Arm?

    The title is almost longer than the poem. Length wise, it reminds me of those 1990s poems.